Saturday, June 30, 2007

After a 10-year Hiatus!

Hello everyone! I'm new to the group, and I must confess that I haven't made a ripple anything since I made a ripple afghan for my dad when I was 13. As I recall, I misplaced it before I had a chance to finish it. *blush*

So what has suddenly gotten me back into the ripple? It was only late last year when I first started looking into crochet online, and I was amazed by how popular the ripple has become. Everyone has such beautiful photos of their ripple projects, and they just got my fingers itching join in on the fun!

So here it is, my first ripple in 10 years:

Sixty Six and La Souris Scarf

It's going to be a scarf for my scarf swap partner in the I Love to Crochet Club on MySpace. Yes, MySpace. Apparently crochet has infiltrated all parts of the web!

I'm back!

Well, after a few months of not crocheting at all, I'm back working on my giant ripple. I went into crochet burn-out. I know a lot of us go through that at one time or another. But, I kept looking at my giant ripple and it kept calling my name. So, I started back on it a couple of days ago. I'll take a progress pic after the weekend and I can get in some good crocheting on it.

I also wanted to say that I am loving seeing everyone's ripples. I continued to check out this blog daily to see everyone's pieces progress. Keep up the wonderful work!

Almost there....

Don't think I posted the latest in-progress shots of my happy ripple:

using this pattern, and Sugar 'N Cream cottons. I love this, can't wait to see what happens to the fabric after first wash!

Friday, June 29, 2007

Granny Ripple and Pink Ripple


I finally got a chance to join. Some of you who also post (or lurk) on the Granny along may recognize these pictures. I have been working on this ripple out of Jan Eaton's book, 200 Ripple Stitch Patterns. It is #190, Granny Chevrons. My cat certainly likes it, so far!

This is a pillow cover I am working on out of the same book. Pattern #16, Pink Ripple.

Thanks for letting me share!

Another Newbie!

Hi everyone ! I have been a lurker on the ripple along blog for quite some time and I finally decided to join. lol. I am working on this yellow, lime green and turquoise blanket for my 1 year old niece . I am using this pattern and red heart super saver yarn.

The pic below is a granny ripple that I started back in Feb. I finished it but I never took a pic. I will have to take the finished pic and show you how it turned out. I used red heart soft yarn in brown, teal and turquoise.

Free pattern
Who knew there was a 'Ripple Formula"...
-Pam L-

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Ocean baby blanket FO

I finished ripple #3 early yesterday morning. I can't wait to give it to her. I talked to her on Monday and it was confirmed that she is having a little boy(which is what the early pink or blue test said). So this is Dylan Scott's first blanket. They are doing an ocean/fish theme, so I have been calling it the ocean blanket. It kinda looks like ocean waves:) It is made with Caron SS, a size G hook, is about 34 by 36 and it took me about a month to crochet. I took me over an hour just to FINISH tucking the ends in:) My mini Dachshund Emory is modeling it again.... She is so funny, I think she enjoys the photo shoots:)

Cross posted at my blog.
Thanks for the motivation to finish and post this thing everyone:) Everyone's ripples are looking fabulous!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Crochet Along

Hey everyone...

Just wanted to spread the love. A new blog group has started called Crochet Along where you can post and share all of your crochet projects...

Got crocheted socks? Post them! Making amigurumis? Let us see them! Crocheting away at delicate doilies? Please share! Pot holders? Barbecue mitts? Sweaters, afghans in other techniques than grannies or ripples - show 'em to us. Anything crocheted is welcome.

Did you find a vintage book or magazine with something amazing, don't hesitate to share it with us!

Want to join? Send an email to crochetalong (AT) gmail (DOT) com


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Everything is tied up.

I don't quite know what to say. The ripple, my ripple, is done. And I think it may just be the best thing I have ever laid my eyes on. I think I love it. I made the little girl, too, and she's definitely a keeper. ;-)

Photos can not do this thing justice. They never, ever can. Not when taken by a Kodak EasyShare CD40, at any rate. Alas. But, take photos I must, and take photos I do. They are sort of a tribute (inadequate as it may be) to my ripple afghan which, with appreciation to a new friend of mine who sort of gave it this name, I shall forevermore think of as Tsunami.

I am going to point out the glaringly obvious (at least, to my eyes). I use a substandard, Photoshop rip-off of a photo editing program. Hey, it was $20. You know? Anyway, I like the blurry-around-the-edges look, but sometimes it doesn't come across so subtley. Forgive me. ;-)

I haven't measured Tsunami yet, but it is BIG. Due to the fact that it seems to be wider than it is long, though, I decided to put it on my bed with the stripes going vertically. Hey, it works for me. It reaches the floor on all three relevant sides, and comes up to the top of the bed quite nicely. It's almost as though I planned it that way. ;-)
I suppose this is me signing off for now. I have other projects waiting for me, so ripple afghans are taking a back seat for a while. Not that it isn't addictive, and lovely, and so right in so many ways. Maybe I'll be back. :-) Happy rippling in the mean time, everyone.
--Love, Deb

Monday, June 25, 2007

?? from a newbie

Hi, my name is Chas. I have been aching to ripple with you for a while now and I have started my own ripple finally... soft waves. I have a question to pose to you though....
Do you see?? Is it me? Is this right?? It seems to be 'smooshed?'??? Should it look that way?? Will it all work out?
I have 4 rows of 252 stitches +3!!!... I can't afford to be wrong!!!!!
Thanks for all your help from this crazy lady who can't figure it out herself! :)

Another One...

This is my first time posting a pic of my ripple in progress, however I had many posts early on, seeking help from all you crochet masters. (THANKS!) I'm using the Soft Waves pattern and Cascade 220 Superwash. My ripple is 67 1/2 inches wide and I plan on making it at least 72 inches long. In other words, I have a long way to go!

Yarn spew.

I'm not sure of the correct term for the tangle of yarn ends you have left to darn in, but that's what I call it. Yarn spew. :-)
So, I am at the point (unbelievably) of sewing in my loose ends! I am going to be in serious shock when I have fastened off the last of them. I can't even think of starting anything else yet. I will need a moment just to breathe. Done. Done. DONE!
I guess I'd better not get ahead of myself, though. After all, I still do have a mess of yarn spew to clean up. ;-)

Sunday, June 24, 2007

DONE ( well almost)

Here it is my ripple done in 100% wool Manos Del Uragua. This is my daughter holding it up.
She's about 5 foot 5 so that gives you an idea of the size. Ignore the bag of cat food and other junk in the background.
I still need to weave in all the ends, then it will be Done!!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

I see stars before my eyes!

I am so in awe of all the beautiful and HUGE blankets that are being created all over the Globe and am almost embarrassed at the sizes of my own feeble attempts, however, I won't spare you the pictures. :)

I posted my first ripple attempt a wee while ago, which has had to be put aside whilst I meet my deadline! Thank you for your nice comments about it. They gave me confidence in my new found skill.

This attempt is supposed to turn into a baby blanket, which is a gift for a Christening. The Christening is taking place next Sunday!

I had bought some bundles of Jaegers 50g Baby Merino 100% wool in 4 ply in three different blue colours, from which I was knitting a patch work style baby blanket, but it didn't turn out how I wanted it to, so I frogged the lot and started this instead! I'll post update pics on my blog for now and will post a picture here of the finished product.

Until then, please do wish me luck with meeting the deadline! :)

Summer In The City (Valley)

Just a short post to say that I have officially ceased working on my ripple afghan until the weather cools down next Fall. I still have the ripple vest to work on and, of course, many other projects on the needles/hooks to keep me busy and out of mischief. Sasha doesn't know what to think of this 1/3-done afghan! She refuses to sit on it...for now.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Rippling Poolside...

I think I'm finally posting to the right blog!!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Slowly but surely it is getting done. I've already got several more in my head and some yarn bought for Christmas gifties.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
I love to sit out here while the kids are swimming. Give me my project, some iced tea, a cd player and some bug spray and I'm set for the afternoon. Of course I do swim too but not the marathons the kids can pull off.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Can't stop me now... *Updated*

Friday, June 22
Well, seeing as how the two most recent posts belong to me, why post a third when I can simply update this one. Here is the new ripple. I pulled out all of the N hook work from photo's below. Being the lazy crocheter that I am, I left the chain and crocheted into it with my favorite K hook. The beauty of it is is that I can pull it as far as possible, and the chain row gives beautifully. There just isn't any resistance. It's truly lovely and has been a good lesson.

Further more, I *love* the painterly homespun yarns. The variations on the colors are simply gorgeous. I can't get enough of working with them. I'm doing wider rows of the painterly colors because the variations are just so stunning that I don't want to stop. :D

Well, I'm off to eat this fresh brownie before it cools too much. Happy rippling everyone!


I told you i'd hunt around and find something to ripple. I dug into my mom's stash and found some homespun. She is in the process of putting together a granny made of homespun, so she had a few balls of blue laying around. I found most of a scain of this gorgeous painterly brownish color.

I'm not sure I like it. I did out some math, did some swatches, with a K, and an N hook, to see how many rows I can get per scain. It'll take less yarn working with the N hook, but the swatch with the K hook held together a bit better. Because the stitches with the N hook are so loose, it's making the chain row seem really really tight even though it's not. I don't know how comfortable that'll be to snuggle up under. The only other thing I've done with homespun is scarves because it so soft. I still had this same issue, but didn't worry about it because I'd add tassels and stuff.

I dunno. What do you guys think? Should I continue, grow my homespun yarn stash and just go with it? Or try and work something else out? I love the feel of it.. it's so luxurious and soft... but I'm so frustrated. :\

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Ripple 3 Finished... Must ripple more...

Well, here is the newest to my ripple family. I've finally completed the rainbow ripple. I think it's beautiful :D Sorry for the crummy picture quality and stuff. Seeing as how I'm on crutches, there is only so much artistic ability I can put into these pics without being able to clean up and get around and things. :)

This ripple was completed with a size K hook, using Red Heart Super Saver yarn. I used Susan B's Easy Ripple pattern. The bed it's laying on is a full, to give you an idea of the size. It was meant as a throw, but as you can see, it's a wee bit bigger than that. :) I'm not even entirely sure of how many foundation chains I did...

I'm planning on giving this to my girlfriend Patty today. She's my best friend, and I've yet to make her anything crochet related. She didn't even get a scarf for Christmas this year! So she'll be the first recipient of an original Rissymur ripple. :) I hope she likes it...

My next ripple project is a throw for my friend Katie, and then one for my Mom. Katie's will be with homespun yarns of blues and browns. Mom wants one in greens to match her bedroom. I can't wait to start rippling again! *hunts around for some new yarn to ripple*

Finished ripple!

I finished my (first) ripple on Saturday, and boy am I happy to have finished it. For a number of reasons: I only learnt to crochet 3 months ago, so it feels like a major accomplishment to have finished this; I'm ready make something else, with some different colours; I was getting impatient to see the finished thing; and it was getting too hot (it's wool!) to work on this!

Here's a post with more pictures, and here's one with some statistics - ha ha, geeky I know. But surely, I'm not the only one doing that sort of thing? Or maybe I am... ;-)

Wave Ripple Completed!

Well, it's 2 spoiled kitties have their 'Wave Ripple' (albeit in a smaller version) to snuggle up on. I used Red Heart super saver for the first time and had my doubts while crocheting with it, but all I can say is WOW, after washing softens up beautifully. Naturally, softy soft is very important to my 2 recipients. :)

I did reverse single crochet all around the 4 borders to give it a finished, yet durable edging and I'm very pleased with the way it worked out. Thanks to Michelle for the corrected copy of the pattern!

Calling all Crocheters - Can you Spare a Square?

I hope you all don't mind me putting a post here about the following but it's for a very good cause. I am part of the ripple along and I do ripple away my time, but I've been asked by Shelly from This Eclectic Life to be a part of a project to crochet granny squares to make afghans for kids with Cancer. I put out an invitation to you all to make one square and send it to Shelly at:
Shelly Tucker
P.O. Box 2241
Denton, Tx 76202

I just made 10 of them myself and sent them off to Shelly so her volunteers can assemble them into afghans for the kids at Camp Sanguinity!

Stripe blocks

Has anyone tried making a ripple afghan by making several afghan-wide strips, and joining them? I mean, like, say you're making a 150 cm wide by 210 cm long afghan, and you could chain for the entire width but only crochet the first 30 cm or so, and then bind it off and start a new strip, then when you had seven of them, you could just join them together. It occurred to me that that might be a nice way to avoid having an enormous warm afghan on my lap if I want to continue working on it over the summer. Mine's only about 50 cm long so far, but it can get a little warm sometimes. :)

I'm still new enough to not really know how one would actually join the strips seamlessly (and I've never made any granny blocks or anything), but ... although I'm really enjoying seeing my 'ghan progress, it's toasty! :)

Another Ripple Started

I have already started a new ripple, I couldn't keep myself.
This is what I've done so far, I still have 5 more colours to add.
I'm loving it so far, I've been inspired by so many of all the ripples I've seen here.
All the colour combinations are so lovely, I hope mine will look good in the end with the colours I've bought, only time will tell.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Still on target

I am still (somewhat) on target for my one afghan a month plans. Even though I am working on 2 afghans this month, the super secret ripple (can't post it to my regular blog) is about half done:

another crocheted ripple

Ripple in our high school colors using Wool Ease. Very soft!

This other knitted feather and fan is about 1/6 done.

knitted afghan

100 Afghans to Knit and Crochet, by Jean Leinhauser and Rita Weiss. A very good book! This one is knit, so I thought I would start on it this month, even though it is really the one I planned to do in July. This one is done in Caron yarn; 4 huge skeins (2 of each color) and even though I am a good way into it, I still have this much yarn left:

My Wednesday buddies were giggling at how huge the skeins are. Kind of freakish huge like the monster zucchini on Aunt Purl’s Blog. But just mock away "guys" because you will not be laughing when you see how nice this baby turns out.

I am using a feather and fan pattern from the 100 Afghans book I previously mentioned. I started out using the size ? needles that were suggested, but I didn’t like the density of the resulting fabric so I upsized a lot and am doing it on US 10 1/2s instead. Better flow.

Nothing much more to share, except that we are into the sweaty head session here at my home. When I sweat, it is all in my lower back and my huge noggin. If I don’t dry my hair after washing it, it will never dry. If I dry it then there is at least some chance that I will have a few minutes of dry hair in the day. Sometimes I can actually squeegee (using my fingers, not an actual tool) water out of my hair. Gross, huh?

Susan (aka ZenKnit)

Sunday, June 17, 2007

slow and steady wins the race

I put this aside for a bit but I picked it up again and i'm loving it :)
Looking at everyone's ripples has definitely helped me pick this up again. All the ripples are gorgeous!
I feel like the blanket is taking forever, though. I have maybe 2 feet out of about 7 :( But I'm going to keep at it because one day I want to have a ripple as beautiful as all the other ones that are posted here :)
Oh, and I just discovered the Flickr group for this. :P

Rippling through....

Yo. Here's my progress so far, this sits on my lap while I work on it, and it feels sooooooo wonderful! It's hard to believe I'm not yet half done!!! Guess I will need to buy more cotton yarn ;)