Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My Ripple Mat

Hey ripplers, wanted to let you see my first ripple. I've been watching and lurking here for a couple of months, the anticipation of my own ripple building....

I decided to go small to start with, so a mat in Sugar & Cream 100% cotton was started...

This was to help me decide if I wanted to start a larger project, because, to tell the truth, the idea of a cotton blanket really appeals to me....

Had to run to the store to pick up 2 colors for the mat, and look what I found:

Yep, I'm in it for keeps now!!! Blankie here I come....

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Got It!

Thanks everyone for your help- I was definately not decreasing correctly!
Now I just need swatch again to decide if I should move up a hook size so the fabric will be drapier... that and await the arrival of the rest of my yarn! (Pretty much every color of Cascade 220 Superwash that WEBS had on sale)
I've seriously been obsessed with you guys' ripples for MONTHS now, and I'm glad I'll finally get to join in :)

The Curve of Duh!

So, I just looked up the dc2tog on nexstitch.com and I was leaving out a huge chunk of the process. I was basically doing this: YO, draw through 1 loop, then drawing through 3 loops. (twice)

The Curve of Doom

Okay, Ripplers. I took some close-ups of my doomed ripple and marked the increases with pink markers and the decreases with aqua markers. Take a look-see and see if you can figure out what I'm doing wrong- in other words, why the *&%^$$#* is my ripple curving? (I'm using the Soft Waves pattern)

Thanks for your help!!

Changes, they are a comin!

Hey All!

Just a note to state the obvious...the site revamp is kicking in to high gear! I've made some preliminary changes, so do me a favor and check the new sidebar features out for me before I spend loads of time entering all the bio info, patterns, online links. The labels are, for now, gone...need to figure out how to make them useful. I think we really need to try to stick with labeling only with your name "tag" so folks can search by person to find their various projects and the details. With 200+ ripplers, additional labels for fiber type, pattern type, yada makes the list quite daunting.

Let me know what you think, or what you'd like to see, or what you think could be done better.

Ta for now!


returned from hiatus

Hello Fellow Ripplers!
I haven't posted in a very long time here, as I didn't have anything new in the works, ripple-wise. The baby blanket turned out great, and was well received too! The new mommy's grandmothers were also adept with the hook and made some precious layettes as well.
Here's a pic of the finished blankie, just to remind one:I decided to make a bigger throw for a friend who is getting married soon, with two rows of DC's in each color, with my favorite gorgeous L hook(made of tiger wood in vietnam):All the yarn is from my stash, washable acrylic and other fibers--lots of red heart soft, mixed with more scratchy red heart cheap, then some fuzzy stuff and yarn from a recycled sweater, and some lion suede (which I normally hate the feel of, but was 99c at a discount store! 6 bucks off!). I am trying to keep all the color values in the same family, no lighter colors or pastels, and it's turning out really well so far. I think there are about 17 different colors:Enjoy!

There is an End!!

Don't mind how I look, it was 7 am :( And I finally got a picture of it flat when my daughter Shade felt like getting off of it! :) It came out to be 70 inches from tip to tip. I used 6 skeins of RH Buff and 3 skeins of fun fur! I already have another one planned out but right now I need to get some small projects done to get my motivation back up!! Hope everybody ahs a great day.

Finished the baby ripple!

I have finished the baby ripple I was asking you all for advice on last week (thanks a ton, by the way!). Boy, were there a lot of ends to sew in (I guess that is what you get for changing colour every two rows!), but two hours later it was time to block (my favourite part!)

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