Saturday, September 15, 2007

I ordered the book

Earlier this week I ordered the 200 ripples book from Amazon. My first time to order from them. I'm excited about getting it as I couldn't find it in any of the bookstores in Knoxville and didn't want to have them special order it. Decided it was time to check out Amazon. That may be dangerous to my credit card. LOL I love ripples and have several in mind that I want to make when the tendinitis in my wrist clears up. You all have inspired me with your beautiful work.

Rippling Along Nicely

I almost have one repeat of the colors complete! I'm not sure if I like the fuchsia in it. I've decided to leave it in till I add the denim color row and see how it all meshes together. There are smidgens of fuchsia in the print colorway, but the solid look so much brighter. What do you all think of the fuchsia? Leave it or frog it?

Soft Waves Ripple 3

The Ripple's Back in Progress

The Ripple's Back in Progress
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Seven months after I started, the ripple's back in active progress. I started it during a time of stress and ill health, and I've picked it up again now in a time of not as much stress while I recover from minor surgery. It's big enough that it keeps me warm as I work on it. I'm getting a bit impatient, and may end up finishing it off before I'd originally planned; make it more of a throw than a blanket.

I picked up a copy of Knit.1 magazine (actually, I picked up about a dozen magazines; I'm spending four full days on the couch!), and had the trippy experience of seeing a photo of my ripple in Shannon Okey's column, while I was sitting under the very same ripple. Neato. (It's a good article, in which we get a shout-out!)

A Ripple And Its Image In Print