Tuesday, June 12, 2007


So here are a few pictures of #3. I'm not loving it yet(I think that is a common problems with the multi colored one). I'm hoping that when I get a bit more into it I'll like it more. I keep talking myself out of frogging it. I chained 219(plus a few extra for safety), size G hook, using lots of Caron SS. I've not measured it since it was two rows tall, but it does just slightly hang over my queen size bed. I'm going to just go until I run out of yarn ( if I don't have enough I'll just pick up a few balls at Wal-Mart...although I hope I don't have to)
Thanks for all the nice comments everyone:)

Black & Red Ripple is finished

I managed to finish this yesterday, never again will I crochet in acrylic yarn when it's hot.
It's about 95 x 90 cm, used up all of the yarn I had in these colours.
I have two more ripples planned, a blanket for me using cotton yarn & I have an idea for a pillow using up more of my stash, but the pillow yarn is wool, so I think I'll wait until autumn to start that one.