Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Score one for the newbie!

Well, I managed to find someone who showed me how to crochet this past weekend, and now I'm off and running! Well, sort of. It's a practice swatch with stash yarns just to see if I can get the hang of it. So far, so good!


I'm using the Easy Ripple Afghan pattern that Molly suggested, and leftover Wool-Ease from ... actually, now that I think of it, it was left over from my first real knitting project, a Zeeby's Bag from SnB. So maybe this yarn has good starting-out karma. :) I crocheted most of this, except the chain to start it out and the first row while watching tonight's episode of "House." I guess, at that speed, it'll be a very slow afghan. :) I ordered some Caron Simply Soft in muted colors to match my navy easy chair -- I love looking at all of your beautiful ripples of many colors, but I decided that restraint was the better part of valor for starting out -- and hopefully it will arrive soon so I can start. In the meantime... maybe I'll make this swatch long enough for a cat blanket, since one of my cats refuses to sleep on my bed unless it's already covered with an afghan. Cats need ripples too!

Im a rippling

I must confess I have been knitting socks I finished my first sock yeah (check out my blog). I did get a bit bored and went back to my passion crochet and I started my rippling. In my previous post i was doing brown colors, i started to look at other ripples and fell in love with bright colors so I changed.
Here is a pic of my progress. It has been a beautiful weekend here in Sc.
It was real pretty we went to Finly park and it was gorgeous weather okay well have a rippling week .


Hi y'all from the new rippler

I am enjoying your photos so much. Every one of them is just beautiful. I just got the Jan Eaton 200 RippleStitch Patterns and had a tough time picking one out. I really liked #94 Regatta. I liked the texture and overall look of it. So I tried it and what a disaster. Either the directions are horribly wrong or its me. I am wondering if anyone else attempted this one? I ripped it and now am inspired by the photos today of the granny chevron. I will start that tonight. Wish me Luck!
I am making this for my daughter ( a "Mommy" afghan) who is pregnant with twins. I just finished 2 baby blankets for the twins but not in ripple.

Addicted to ripples

Here it is, loosey goosey section included. You see, the rows on the left are much neater than those on the right. ARGH .. to rip or not to rip those rows ....

waves pattern

i dont know if anyone is allowed. but i figured i would ask. Right now i can't afford to buy any of the cool books with the gentle waves patterns. thats what i want to start on. I looked in the library and must always be out. i even checked 4 other nearby libraries. i'm so bummed. So if anyone has a chance could you email me the basics for a nice easy waves patterns.

Kimmiep621@aol.com or visit my blog kimmiep621

Going along

I'm rippling along using Mission Falls 1824 Wool. It's going well. However, my third and fourth color bands are looking loosey goosey. Any thoughts from anyone? I'm a crochet novice. I worked on it yesterday, put it down and came back. That's when the loosey thing occured. Maybe I'm slacking on my tension in an effort to spped things up?

Here are my colors.They are a bit brighter than they seem here.

finished for a full, not a queen... oh well

all pau!

project: no end in sight ripple along afghan
pattern: simple dc ripple
yarn: a plethora of red heart acrylic yarn
needles: crochet hook H 5.0 mm
notes: full sized afghan (queen size bed)

so i've finished my ripple! its a little small for my bed, but then again i planned it for my couch and this size is more the sufficient. i must say this is the LARGEST project i've ever done and i have this blog, kim and the return of my honey from his training to thank for its timely completion. the sizing is a bit wonky - the beginning is a tad narrower than the end - but its nothing that adding to the border can't help. ^_^ thanks everyone for being so supportive and keeping me focused!

~ joy @ circleplussix.com


Looking for a summer crochet project? I found this neat ripple shrug pattern.

The end came into view all too soon

I have finished my ripple. It is now big enough to cover my entire queen-size bed. The only bit of planning that went into it is that the first and last stripes are the same color. And just in time for the temps to reach into the mid-80s here in DC!

And yet. And yet...I still have four separate stashes of yarn. Granted, most of it is not the right size for the ripple, and a bunch of it is actually meant for weaving, but seriously, I had no idea that I had this much stuff left over.

And although I will miss the ripple, I still have many other projects to take up my time.

Quick update

I added a few more colors to the Granny Chevron Brites blanket... After the mango I will add grape then watermelon. *mm sounds like fruit salad..**