Sunday, April 8, 2007

Old ripple turned new

I thought I would update with 1 project I have started from the frogged ripple sent to me by Maven. I was looking online at the many patterns on my favorite site. CPC *crochet pattern central* And saw their "food" section. So I was looking at all the patterns and saw this, Wake up and smell the yarn pattern. And thought it was too cute to pass up. And plus I had this wonderful darn brown yarn from Maven. Also the 2 "art deco" yarns *as my husband calls them... silly man* So the 2 multi yarns were used to make 'cups' and then each got some stuffing and then a 'coffee' top. So far we have a black and mocha with cream. The black coffee is currently getting a cup of cream to be added to the side.

So it made me wonder... what other projects have you all made from frogged ripples *or other UFO's*

Week 3: The Moccasin Ripple

As the weeks go by and it gets longer and longer, I am noticing 2 things- this suckers eats a lot of yarn and it is going to be one heavy blanket.
I've added another 16 rows. The right side of the ripple is the bottom. Next week you should be able to see my repeats of 2, I am about halfway through the random pattern. I am contemplating just coloring the middle one color but I'm afraid of dying of boredom. Then it'll sit in my computer room for a year.
I'm impressed with my photos which have been improving. It's so awesome to see everyone's ripples. I am totally in for my next ripple as more of a rainbow. They look lovely enough to eat. How many calories in yarn?

Take Two: The Replacement Ripple

Here is the ripple 'ghan I'm intermittently working on, to replace the one hopefully being frogged by Megan.

It's nothing fussy. I'm using that Lion Suede I found at the dollar store (can you believe it?), of which I think I bought about 50 skeins (perhaps more) of it (over the course of a week). I'm working it with my Brittany M hook (wood), doing double crochets. I have a couple projects going at the same time, depending on my mood (I bore easily).

I *am* however, contemplating joining the Granny-along... Look at this...

And whether we are talking about ripples or grannies... please folks, let me know if you encounter the same problem I am. The problem is, I have the intent or thought in my head of who the recipient will be, and then as each project works along, and I see the color combinations and the touch of the yarns, I think I can't part with it... "On second thought... I'll keep it. No one loves my babies like I do..."