Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Count me in

i've admired both jane's and alicia's ripple blankets for quite some time and have been looking through my stash for the appropriate yarn. and i think i may have found it. that's a bag filled with knitpicks' merino style and andean treasure. i have to do a little math to figure out how big a blanket i can make, because i'm not buying more yarn. honest.
bag o' yarn

This. Is. Amazing.

I'm equally addicted, not only to the rippling (aaahhh...), but also to checking out everyone else's work! Ladies, those are some beautiful afghans.

I had thought about using the Random Stripe Generator, because it's soooo fun to play with, but, as I'm too lazy and cheap to buy more color ink for my printer, I decided on closing my eyes and grabbing a ball of yarn. I think I'll get the same effect. I was unhappy with it at first, but somehow that last stripe of green made it all better. I'm trying to keep a running list of what types of yarn I'm using, mostly so I can keep track of how much I'm using. Like I said, it's all acrylic or acrylic/ wool blend, which is just fine with me since I want to be able to throw it in the washer anyway. So now, a picture, and then off to try to write this Spanish paper. Why won't it write itself?!

PS: I've researched how to make a button for us, but it appears to be beyond my knowledge...

I'm in Trouble

Ripple-Along, Day 1Last night I chained 219 for a blanket just over 60" wide. The grey I started out with will be the most-represented colour, since I have about four balls of it (more than any other). It's Polo Zitron cotton-microfibre. The pale purple that comes next is Rowan Cashsoft, and the red is an unknown deliciously soft 100% merino (I think). It was all I could do to put it all down to go to sleep. And now, in the middle of the afternoon, I'm dreaming ahead to getting into my pajamas for some more relaxing rippling. I'll shoot for better photos tomorrow.


Hi Everyone,

I found this knitalong through Flickr. I have been coveting the blankets on the Vintage Stripe Blanket Flickr group, but was able to hold off from starting one for a while. I finally succumbed to it last week even though I have many projects on the needles. This blanket is so addictive.

I am using 8 colors randomly. The yarn (Caron Simply Soft) is from my stash. The stitch pattern is "Soft Wave" from 200 Ripple Stitch Patterns by Jan Eaton. 147 stitches

Take a load off...

I have time for a quick post only right now...small people in need of naps. I wanted to get this to you starting to ripple or in the plotting stages, a tip from Alicia, The Musee:

Can't remember if I mentioned it, but the way I started mine was actually with the Random Stripe Generator?
I actually found it kind of a cool way to do random without really having to "think," because unless you have your eyes closed when you're reaching for the next color, you are thinking. I personally didn't want to think about that at all, but that's just me. I don't like thinking if I don't have to.

In that post she links to The Random Stripe Generator at Kiss Your Shadow. Now this my dears is some thing seriously fun to play about with. Serious time black hole, but whee! Have fun!