Thursday, March 29, 2007


Hello everyone! I just found this CAL/KAL last weekend, and decided it was the perfect stash-busting activity. I taught myself how to crochet about 10 years ago, and have that many years of leftover/unused yarn in my ever growing stash. That was part of the reason I gave up craft-purchases for Lent (surprisingly difficult!). So, this project goes along with that just fine.

The other night I ransacked my apartment and amassed this giant pile of yarn (with which my cat was fascinated - I almost couldn't get a picture because she kept blocking my view!). Granted, this is the pile of similar weights. I could probably make another afghan out of the remaining bulky yarns I didn't pull out. But, first things first.

I started the no end in sight afghan on Tuesday night, and decided to go with the random striping method. Okay, not really a method, as I'm just closing my eyes, diving into the bag of yarn (no, I didn't leave it in a big pile on my floor, though it was tempting) and pulling out whatever my hand closes around. I decided I'll do repeats of 2 rows, if I happen to choose the same yarn 2x, but no more than that. Already, I'm dreading the weaving in of all those ends, but I think I'll stop every few rows and force myself to take care of them.

This will definitely be interesting...and hopefully the color scheme will not be hideous. There seem to be an awful lot of pink shades in my stash, which isn't what I would have expected. I look forward to sharing my progress with you guys, and checking out all the great finished projects!

Can I pick your brains again?

Ok, I've found my "magic pattern and color combo" and I'm rippling away. But silly me decided one row per color change...and by goshI've never had so many colors changes in one project in my life.

Normally I just knot my two colors and keep going but on this one the knots are obvious. I'm worried the whole thing is going to unravel after loving, little boy abuse. And I'm literally tripping over thread tails and getting tangled up like crazy.

What method are you all using to change your colors? And how the heck are you dealing with weaving in with those gazillion ends?

Andrea's ripple

Hello I am Andrea thanks for letting me join. Here is my ripple so far the first color is chocolate, then choco cherry, then winter white, as of now I am on the second set of white rows I havnt measured it so not sure how long it is but I know its the longest one I have done yet.

rippled *mat*

this thing is so dense! it will end up being about 30 x 40 with 10 balls of LB Watercolors. the yarn doesn't show the ripples very well, but is rather pretty . . .I'm going to chain about 300 and start my queen size wool blanket next!

Another Newbie

Hi, my name is Kimmie, SAHM to 3 one w/special needs. so i needed a hobby to keep me sane. lol I just learned to crochet about 2 months ago from my sister. only made 1 blanket so far. Then i was looking for new patterns to work on and came across this site and fell in LOVE!!! Everyones work has inspired me to try, and i must admit, i'm addicted. I've failed quite a few times already and started over many many times. here is what i have so far.

this is my current piece i'm working on. started this morning.we'll see how far i get before i mess this one up

this is my 3rd attempt. i have no idea what i was thinking, guess i stopped counting on one edge went flat. oops

Trishy's ripple

Hi all! I am Trish and I just joined up. I am a knitter but I saw this Ripple-Along through a friend's blog and was just obsessed. I knew a little about crocheting, enough to get by with some basic edging for my knits but I needed to learn a little more for this. I had someone come and teach me last Thursday and on Saturday I started my ripple. I am using the discontinuted Cotton Ease colors that I bought way to many skeins of a couple of summers ago. This will be for my 5 year old son who asks almost hourly if it is ready yet. I am doing a little knitting while I work on this. I'm not good enough at crochet that I can crochet while watching a television show or anything yet.

Thanks for letting me participate!

Riss' Ripple

Hi everyone, my name is Riss. I'm on day two of my ripple. I found this blog Tuesday evening, and got started around midnight. I got my chain done, but called it quits about the time my eyes got bleary. I've been going strong at every moment ever since. Boy is this addictive.

I'm about 4 stripes into it, with two rows per stripe. I'm using a size K hook and various worsted weight yarns. It's going to be able to fit my king size bed in the long run. It's going to take a while, and a lot of yarn, but it'll be worth it. AC Moore is having a big 20% off yarn sale starting Sunday. We all know where a chunk of my paycheck is going... *wink*

Anyway, here is the start of my ripple.

oooo, oooo, oooo, check out this blog!

OK, I can't possibly be the only one that thinks the photos posted by "maryse" are just too, too gorgeous.

Can I?

If you doubt, run now to check out her blog, bag 'n' trash--home of monster yarn, and you will most certainly doubt no longer. She is just plain good. Good photographer. Good yarn-aholic. Good overall person. Check it out.

(and WHOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Somehow we broke the 100 member mark when I wasn't lookin'. We've got near 110 ripplers on board! And about 25 invites hanging open. How cool is that? We're our own ripple phenomenon!)


Hi y'all, I'm Mary. This is a photo of me taken in 1979. See what's on the back of my chair? My grandmother made that ripple afghan. She crocheted a lot, lace dresser scarves, ponchos, etc. (My mom made my Lanz-style Christmas nightie.)

I recently learned to crochet and joined the granny along (yes, that was me who also posted a photo of myself wearing a granny vest). You know how it is when you are learning something new and you get just a little obsessed. . .

I'm making a twin bed-sized ripple for my 6 yo ds. I'm using Caron Simply Soft and the pattern is from Jan Eaton's Encyclopedia of Crochet Techniques, called Double Crochet Chevrons. Ds' favorite color is green, which will make up most of it, along with some blue, red and tan.

I love seeing what everyone is working on, it's so inspiring.

A little progress

This afghan is really testing my color sensibilities. I don't know if I've ever worked on a project that used this many colors at once. My 7 y/o has claimed the afghan as his and the colors make him happy. He is even helping to make the decision as to which color to use next, and I'm thrilled to give up the job. I'm sure the next one I make will still be colorful but more muted shades. I want to feel relaxed when I look at it. That said, I'm still happy with the pattern and the process.
I just received Jan Eaton's book from Amazon yesterday and I'm already dreaming up future projects. My neighbor has asked for help to choose a pattern for an afghan for her grandbaby. There are so many great choices in this book that I'm sure we'll come up with something.
Keep up the great work everyone!