Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Ripple Babyghan...

Finally its done... I've been working on this ripple since my last ripple... its for one of my cousins, shes due next month and shes having a baby boy. I thought these colors looked cute... light baby blue, mint green and pale yellow (doesnt really look pale in this pic, actually the colors doesnt show up at pretty in this pic., looks better in person). Theres ALOT of mistakes in this ripple too,

I'm still learning =)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

My ripply blankets

Hello, I've been following everyone's lovely ripples for some time and wanted to share some of mine. They all look a bit bumpy and uneven, but that's because they've been stuffed folded neatly into bags because I'm out of wool for them. I seem to pick wool's from hell for my ripples because I always manage to pick a colour/maker that my wool shop likes to discontinue as soon as I get a few rows under my belt. Grrr.

Anyway, here's where I'm up to with my tribute to Cath Kidston...

I've run out of the pale blue which is a James Brett 400g aran and (stupidly) I threw away the band so have no idea of the shade to order more now that my local shop stopped stocking it.

My next ripple has a Halloween theme and uses black, orange, purple and vari purple DK.

The shop picked the orange wool to stop stocking for this ripple and (again) I don't have a label so don't even know who makes this one. Double Grrrr.

My final ripple isn't really a problem to find wool for, as it's my oddment ripple. I just use whatever is leftover from other projects. Easy.

I'm not really loving this one though, as the colours are anything but complimentary together. However, I'm loving 'doing' it because there's something very relaxing about ripples.....as you all no doubt know already, lol.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Progress slow, maybe done by next winter?

My ripple's coming along, but it's turning out huge! I wanted that, because it's for my tall dh and ds to fight over for a couch blankie, but each row seems to take a long time. I'll get it done, but since winter's about over here in South Florida, I'm going to aim for next fall for a completion date. If I get it done sooner, yay for me. Meanwhile, it's big enough to cover me up while I'm working on it, unless one of our cats decides to take a nap on it at the same time.