Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Still Rippling :)

and loving every second of it!

Here's my ripple ... almost twice through the 30 colors of Knitpicks Palette yarn :)

~*~ Happy Rippling ~*~

How to proceed from here

Hello, you lovely ripplers. I wish I had time to comment on all your beauties , but let me just tell you that they are all such an inspiration (I can't wait to start my next blanket!)

Anyway, I am halfway with my blanket, i.e. I've run out of yarn. I guess that will teach me not to buy my yarn in another country, eh?! So now I have to wait for my mum to send me some more.

But now I'm considering how to proceed with the blanket. My plan, at first, was to continue with the pattern I've been doing for the first half: first 2 rows in one colour, then 2 rows in two different colours, continuing through my seven colours. But since I haven't got enough of the first blue colour to make two rows, that would put an end to the crocheting until I get some more yarn.

However, I have been thinking that I'll probably do it in reverse order from the middle to the other side. That means that I can keep on hookin' for a little while yet. Which is good, 'cause, let's face it, how long can I go without crocheting?!

But now I'm kinda thinking that instead of jumping straight on the reverse order thing, I might do a middle section. I'm just not quite sure what to do... So any input would be appreciated!

Also, because the blanket isn't quite long enough, I'm going to add some kind of edging to the sides, preferably something similar to the ripples in the blanket itself. I'm just not sure how to go about this. Would I just do it the same that I've been doing the ripples?