Friday, March 23, 2007

Moving right along

I'm on day 17 of my ripple and I'm 22 stripes into it (44 rows). I had family up to visit all weekend so I didn't work on it much.
I've made up for that since they left though. Crochet eases my stress and since my parents left mad at me, I've been pretty stressed. Ah my family we love the drama!! lol

I figure that I am 1/3 of the way through the blanket. Not too bad for 2 and 1/2 weeks. I've added 3 more stripes since I took this picture (Black, Darker Orange, Burgandy). I still have 3 colors that I haven't used yet (Grey, White and Purple). I am not really loving this darker segment of the blanket I seem to be stuck in right now, but the more I add the more I am loving it.

I think part of the addiction is the random nature of the colors thanks to the stripe maker. I am making it a point to not cheat and look ahead so that I am surprised at what color I get to use with each stripe.

My Blog

Who's in Sydney?

I've been trying to post for three days now, but I couldn't get my internet connection to work (I'm now at the in-laws'). So here's my progress up to day 13 of my ripple, Wednesday (it's now Saturday in Sydney). I have done about 3 more strips beyond this since then. But I was so excited to finally reach this spring green. It'll come up more after a few more rows, and I'm just about to reach my last of the nine colors I've got: lovely, soft cream, to give the whole thing a fuller range from darks to lights. This pic shows the waves-on-waves effect I'm getting, but there's one that shows it better on my blog.

To the title of my post, someone from here came in to
Tapestry Craft (the LYS I work at) in Sydney yesterday. The staff member in the wool department called me to ask if I was part of the ripple-along, so of course I said yes. And she said there was a customer with her that was also participating and that she would send this person up, but they never came to see me! I was upstairs in the embroidery department yesterday. If you're reading this post, please let me know who you are! Stop back in the shop, or visit my blog. I'd love to see how your ripple is going.

I've Begun

Hi all, Thanks so much for letting me join in the fun!
I found this KAL by accident on day while searching something else. Well, I was hooked ( I know, sad joke...) after I saw all the beautiful colors and blankets, I haven't crocheted in years but thought I'd give it a go!!! What fun I am having collecting up colors, some were from my knitting stash, but , of course, I had to run off to the LYS to get some more...I am sure I will be back for more also.
I'd like this to cover our bed and go down the sides an inch or so. Keeping that in mind I cast on ( chained?) 243 stitches....hope it is enough.
I would also love to know what types of edging you all are using, if anyone has gotten that far yet.

Ripples and granny's...

I thought I would share this book with everyone. It is "100 Crochet projects" by Jean Leinhauser & Rita Weiss. And as you can see on the cover there are 2 ripple afghans and 2 "half ripple" tank tops. The main picture on the cover is for a blanket that is started with granny squares, 2 difference sizes. Then stitched together and ripples are done on either side.

I'm currently doing one of the bears that's shown by the round ripple. Then hope to tackle the mix blanket with my scraps. Then I can have the best of both worlds... ripples and granny's.

There are sooo many cool patterns in this book. Hopefully enough to satisfy me till my 200 ripples book comes in the mail.

Rippling Away

I am thoroughly enjoying the ripple - I haven't crocheted on anything big like this in a few years and I'm addicted. I want to get to it as soon as I wake up and until the wee hours of the morning...oh well, there is probably worse things I could be doing with my time.

Stash Guilt

I'm getting on, albeit slowly. I have replenished my bowl, with some old favorites and some new colors, including blood orange, dark purple, and several new shades of pink:

A peculiar run has emerged, the red/pale blue/dark green:

But it really is still so much fun. I've raided my stash for my sister, and have high hopes that she will take up this soothing habit--I came up with quite a haul, of nice various DK. She'll be doing me a huge favor, as I'm very guilty over the enormity of my stash, that some really nice quality stuff lies fallow, and that STILL I continue to seek out new yarn!!!

Hello Ripplers

I am thrilled to be a part of this rippling phenomenon! Thank you for including me! I began my ripple lap afghan last weekend. This year is the first time I have crocheted in years and I feel like I have discovered an old friend. I live in a small town with limited shopping so I resorted to getting my yarn at Wal-mart. I had zero stash. I was too impatient to wait for better shopping. Due to color choices I chose colors that would go in my bedroom. After the afghan was started I wasn't liking just how pastel and baby blanket looking it was. I added the two blues and the warm green. That helped some. I like the colors in person better than in the pictures.

I am using Susan B's Easy Ripple Afghan pattern. I have found it very easy, which is good for a rusty crocheter. I do have to do some frogging every now and then. Note to self~don't trust your counting when you are too tired. All my yarn except for 2 skeins are the Caron Simply Soft. I am surprised at how nice it feels for the price. When this afghan is finished I'm going to have to do another one with some bright colors. I am loving some of the ones I've seen others of you doing. Please come visit me at Lallee's Cottage sometime.

Warmest regards,

Still rippling along

I’m still rippling along, and what can I say - I just love to sit and ripple and see how the work grows larger and larger. I’m wishing you all a great weekend with a lot of rippling :-)

Another YouTube Ripple Stitch Tutorial

Slightly different than the other one, but gives a great visual of "how to."

Ribby-Day 9

Here is my my Ribby Ripple on day 9. I really love the way the colors look together and I love the restful gray in between the ripples. I have two more colors to add, a grass green and a light blue.

My ripple after four days

Thanks for letting me join! When I found this ripple along through the blog on I thought, wow! I want to do that. What I did was threw a bunch of balls of yarn in my bag and randomly draw them out each time I change colors. It makes for a very miss matched afghan but I like wondering what yarn will come out next. Sorry if the pic isn't very clear I have a very crappy camera right now. ( I actually have about four more strips of color than what shows in the photo.)

Here's The Start of My Ripple & The YouTube Tutorial

Hey there! Thanks for the invite! Glad to be here!

Here's what my ripple looked like two days ago. Sorry I don't have a more current pic. I've got a few more colors added at this point!

Even though I posted the YouTube tutorial for the ripple over at my own blog, FiberP*rn, I'll put it here as well: