Thursday, May 31, 2007

cotton classic ripple

Has any one seen or made a ripple using tahki cotton classic? I did a google search but all I found were people who were thinking about it. I'm wondering what hook size, pattern and how much yarn it would take ,as well as how long it took. It's pretty small guage wise. I think I use a 6 or 7 when I knit with it.

Help with Susan B's Easy Ripple Pattern!

Hi all- I'm knew to crochet. I've tried several times over the last few years to learn, but always ended up frustrated - not able to read the patterns. I decided to call it quits until I stumbled onto this website and was inspired by all the beautiful ripples. I pulled out yarn from my stash of incomplete (knitting and crochet projects) and am raring to go.

I have a question for all of you that have used the easy ripple pattern. When you get to the end of the chain/row do you complete six dc before you dec2? I chained 178 and when I got to the end of the chain I dc 6 then 3 dc in next chain and then decreased the last 2 stitches. Does that sound right?

This is my second attempt, I ripped out my first because after the 3rd color change my rows weren't lining up. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

loomed ripple? - treasure hunt

While looking for patterns for my kniffy knitter loom I stumbled across this blog, and a ripple!

A ripple done on a knitting loom... how cool is that! She's still writing up the pattern, but it will soon be available. There are a few more pictures on her blog, and another made with just 1 color. It looks so fun... I have to do this!

New ripple started & another planned

Well I couldn't wait too long before I started a new ripple blanket. I'm using Jan Eaton's Soft waves pattern again, I like the flow of it.
Don't know how big this one will be, I'm using up more of my stash & don't want to buy more yarn.
It's about 90 cm wide, so only time will tell how long it will be, it's a present for a family member.
I also have a new ripple planned & bought the yarn for it yesterday, check out the photo on my blog
I haven't started it yet, I will when I've finished the black/red ripple.