Monday, April 16, 2007

Cool Pattern Find

Hey Everyone, I just had to share a cool pattern I just found. It's the "Spiderman Ripple" This would be perfect for a lil boy who's a spiderman fan!

Guess who has a finished Baby Ripple?

Me!!!! That's right. That Nor'Easter that hit up the North east including my hometown of New York was very conducive to finishing up this bad boy. It is so pretty, I almost want to keep it for my future babies, but no I am giving it to my goddaughter who is such a cutie pie.

My coworker helped me out by holding up so I could get a full picture. The only reason I brought it to work was to show her (she's a crocheter).

Here is a close up of the edging and tassels I did:

and a picture of the true color:

Specs on the Ripple:

Pattern: SusanB's Easy Ripple Afghan
Hook size: Clover Size F
Yarn: Combinations of Red Heart Soft Yarn, Dark Horse Fantasy Yarn, Cleckheaton 8ply yarn and 1 other that I can't remember.

All I did was cast on was a 139 stitches and went from there. I did 3 color repeats ( I was supposed to do 4, but then I think it would of been to long)

For the edging I did a sc of the first color I used in the afghan. ( I was going to do a sc of each color used in the blanket, but by the time I finished the first color I was done. So I just added tassels using all the colors in the blanket)

So there you have it. My first ever Ripple afghan, my first ever crochet FO as an adult. Now I am off to plan for my second Ripple, pattern will be out of 200 Ripple Stitch book

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My Weekly Update

So I've spent the week watching all 6 Star Wars movies (I had never seen them before) with my family and working on my sons ripple blanket.
I've reached a point where the blanket is so big it takes most of my crochet time to get it settled so I can work on it.
It's also getting frustrating that I can't see my progress as easily since it's gotten so large. So that's what the little blue stitch marker is for. It marks the place I was the last time I posted. So from it to dark orange is what I have accomplished this week.
My Blog with another picture.


Hello everyone, This is my first post. It is so great to see all of the ripples and to see them grow. So many pretty afghans. Here is my blanket on day 10.

I think I will need to do 9 repeats of the four colours. So I am almost a third of the way done. I am using Red Heart Super Saver, a size I hook and the Soft Ripple pattern and while I love the colours and how it is turning out I really not in love with the yarn. So what is a knitter/crocheter to do? Buy more yarn right? So I have almost enough now for a second ripple in Caron Simply Soft. I'm going to add a few colours to it every time I go to the craft store so that when I'm done with the one I'm working on, I'll be set for a second. Is there anything that I can do when it's done that will soften this yarn? I was thinking that I would try to use softener on it but I've never used this yarn before so I didn't know if it would work?
Anyway, here it is on our bed last week(of course it has grown since then:)

It matches better in person.
Can't wait to see more ripples. Am I the only person that checks this blog a billion times a day?

My Ripple is finished :-)

The Ripple is finished! It’s been great fun! I didn’t have enough stash, so I bought yarn for this project. I decided to use the yarn Falk from Dale of Norway. This was based on wanting to crochet in wool, not use a hook smaller that 6.00 mm, and Falk had the colours I wanted. I made 196 chain stitches. I used crochet hook 6.00 mm, my crocheting is loose, which in turn gave a blanket that is approximately 1,20 meters wide. I used 27 skeins, and that gave a blanket that is approximately 1,60 meters long. This project was both faster and easier than I anticipated, so now I’m thinking of making one in cotton as well. Once in a while I ask my partner if he wants me to make something for him. His answer is always no. During this project, his interest in this afghan has grown, and he had a very clear opinion about how long it should be. Now, he has adopted it :-)

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Baby Tiger Ripple

Hello, everyone! I've just joined, and this is my first post.

I am currently crocheting a soft waves (from 200 Ripple Stitch Patterns) ripple baby afgan for my brother's new baby using Blue Sky Alpacas Dyed Cotton. The orange (Poppy) and blue (Indigo) colors were selected becuase my brother is a basketball coach, and these are his team colors. I didn't think about it until later, but his team is the tigers, which makes the ripple stripes especially appropriate. More on my past rippling efforts can be found here.