Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Help! Help!

Please, I need some help and advice. On the spur of the moment I bought this yarn. The reason being, I am Vice Pres in charge of programs for our quilt guild. Of course we're having a Christmas party for December meeting. Our other plan is to have an auction with lots of things other than just quilt related items. So I'm in Hobby Lobby buying Sugar & Cream Yarn on sale and I start looking at other yarns. I've been seeing so many neat yarns here(other than the pain ole Red Heart I'm using) and just want to try something new. I've picked up my Sugar & Cream and keep browsing. I see the shelf with all the Lion Brand yarns and spot the Jiffy(not on sale but not real expensive) which I see is Acrylic. I'm not ready to try wools yet. Anyhow I would love to make up a quick simple afghan for the auction. Like I don't have enough to do. If I wouldn't have it done in time, I can always give it to my purple loving daughter. I'll be making some other smaller item I can donate so all won't be lost. Enough rambling.
Do any of you have a favorite quick ripple pattern? The only one I've done so far is Susan B's.
The Jiffy Yarn calls for a K hook for the pattern on the band. Also, I have larger hooks, could I use an L or M? The yarn does seem heavier but I do want to use the correct hook. One thing, I don't want a real loosely woven pattern. If you found any favorite patterns in books, magazines, on line, or personally, just let me know. I can go to the library or check out the Internet, whatever. You can post a comment here or at my most recent post at "Fabric and Yarn Stasher."
Oh, and Pheeyla, your pretty new started ripple must have stayed in my subconscious when I picked my yarn. I just saw it again as I was browsing the blog. I guess you inspired me.