Saturday, May 19, 2007

Ripple-me Senseless!

The weather here in SoCal has temporarily cooled off a bit so I managed to get in a few more rows on my Ripple Afghan.

This is the newest obsession project that I am working on from the Feb/March issue of Crochet Today. It is still small enough to fit in a plastic zipper bag and stuff into my purse. The single crochet ribbing at the bottom was pretty boring but after that, the crochet is a lot more fun! I changed the colors to ones I liked better, Tan, Natural and Spa Blue.

My yarn-snobbery has taken a beating what with the Caron Simply Brites afghan and now this vest out of Lustersheen. I'll take my Humble Pie a la mode, thank you.

Opinions on colour please

Hey there. I realise that as I am only about a quarter of my way into my first ripple I should probably not be dreaming of my second (in much the same way that it isn't really the done thing to imagine your second husband when married to your first, but who doesn't?). With that said though, I want to make a baby blanket for an infant of undetermined sex and would love some colour advice. If I make it in cream I think I will be bored out of my mind before I get more than 5 inches in. Also, any advice on size would be appreciated. Don't want to spend until the baby is seven crocheting the damn thing!

Here is the progress on ripple number one, by the way.

Preemie Ripple

I haven't posted for a long time because I keep getting distracted from my ripple afghan by various charity projects. However, I have been trying to work ripples into those projects as well. So far, I have made this colorful preemie ripple:

I worked out the striping scheme myself before I started, so it isn't random. All the yarn used is Caron Simply Soft. I used an H hook and the "soft waves" ripple pattern. However, it took an hour to weave in all the ends, so future preemie ripples will probably be boring monotones that I can make a little more efficiently!