Thursday, April 12, 2007

New to rippling, new to crochet!

Hi, I am Christina from Indiana. I am crocheting the "Soft Waves" pattern in Knitpicks Shine Sport on a 4 mm hook. I've never crochet before and never used Knitpicks yarn before, so I am excited to see how this works out! I am an experienced knitter and I mostly knit with wool, so the slipperiness of Shine takes some getting used to. My ripple is going to be a baby blanket for my boss, who is having a difficult second pregnancy. The blanket is 10 repeats wide (about 36") and I'm on the 4th row.

I have one question: how do you deal with your ends? Do you weave them in as you go, hold the tail with the working yarn as you crochet, or weave the ends in after the fact? I'd love to hear your input, and thanks for reading!

Now Look What You've Started...

Is it too much to say that rippling has changed my life?! I used to do things - y'know like sleeping, talking to people, laundry, dishes. Now all I do is crochet. This is me on March 27...
Drowning in Failure - 7 Days: day 4
I had problems. I saw all the cool ripples everyone else was making. I can't tell you how badly I wanted to play too. It took three days and a amount of swearing before I got to here...
got it
And you should see me now!!! My hands ache, I have pains in my forearms and my house is a mess but I am in love - look at this...On yet another bandwagon...
The only thing I seem to have kept up with is feeding my kids and writing my blog. Who cares? Now I'm planning my next ripple!
Hi Im Kat
Im new to Ripple along and have always wanted to make one well
here i am. Thank you for letting me join in the fun.
I started the ripple about a few weeks but have put it down because of
trying to learn to knit sock using the Ml omg i have ripped it out so many
times that i went back to crocheting..
So its the battle of both yarn projects Even tho im knitting my true passion is Crochet. I have made so many nice things thru the years. Check out my Blog as all kinds of Goodies. It also
reflects my Life.
Here is a pic of my Ripple the colors are much
prettier in person. Its greens browns and orange.
I enjoy working the ripple gets alittle tedious but
it beats ripping out a sock.
hugs kat

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaack!

Whoo Hoo!

I just caught up on invites...gulp, I think so, truly I do! We've got 116 active members and another 30ish in the wings. What fun! With so many of us, please remember to put your name or handle in the label field of your posts so we can stalk project progress.

Am bracing myself to frog the round ripple this evening and restart. Need to pick up the big blanket again now that I've come to terms with NOT being random. That will mean buying more yarn of course...shhhhhhhhhhhhhh. No reason the hubby needs to know, right? Also have plans for a felted ripple bag bouncing about my head...lurking Lamb's Pride is begging to join in the fun. Not quite sure why, as I have yet to actually finish anything...but that's what starting a new project is for, right? Let's hear it for procrastination!

As I have no yarny ripple progress to share, thought I'd give you a peek of the "soft waves" I was dealing with last week....

Indian Rocks Beach just outside of Tampa...just loverly, yes? Now there's a thought...mutating those colors and proportions into a beach blanket....oh good yarn gods, somebody stop me!