Friday, March 30, 2007

two more treasures and #3 started

No pictures I'm sorry, but soon! I started with brown, then am going to do cream. I'm using the gentle ripple that I figured out by counting stitches in Jane and Alicia's pictures! I have also ordered the 200 ripple pattern book.

Here's a couple more links I found for patterns:
Crochet Zig Zag

first ripples

Hi! I just joined this group--this is my first real crochet project, I'm more of a knitter. I got the pattern for this ripple from a book from the library--simple crochet, I think? I used some dishcloth cotton, mostly sugar and cream and peaches and creme. It's great looking at all the inspiring projects! I'll have to start a bigger one immediately.

I'm naming her Peggle

I am naming my ghan-child Peggle. You know about Peggle, don't you?

peggle - very addicting!

Peggle (the game) is very addicting and as you can see, colorful. Just like my baby girl ghan child.

Here is my baby so far:

Peggle, my crocheted ripple afghan

I may be done after this weekend. If the weather stays like this (cold and wet) I am pretty sure there will nothing much better to do than to keep crocheting on it her Peggle until she is done.

I did the best I could to get a crane shot by laying her on the floor next to the stairs. But then I had to crop the photo so that it wouldn't take up the entire screen.

Not sure if the colors are appearing quite right, because frankly after you look at something so wildly colorful, everything looks kind of odd.

Susan (aka ZenKnit)

Another Baby Ripple

While we're saving up for our wedding, I'm trying not to buy new yarn. The No-End-In-Sight Ripple-Along is the perfect thing! I had no idea what to do with a ton of leftovers from another project that I over purchased for. There's not a lot that can be done with pale pink and blue, so a BABY ripple blanket it is! A friend's baby is due in about six months, so this is the perfect thing to do.

This is a shot from shortly after I started:

Baby Ripples

And this is from today:

Baby Ripples

(click for big)
I'm glad to see everyone's color and pattern choices - there are some great ideas out there!

two pretty patterns!

really interesting wave pattern
and another
ripple romance

edited to add: i had print outs of these and thought to find them and post links *before* dawn's treasure hunt post! ha! great rippling minds . . .

Nisa's Happy Ripples - Day 5

Ripple, Day 5 - happy colours
specs: H (US5) hook, 2-ply worsted weight wool,
New England Highland by Harrisville Designs

I'm on day 5 of rippling now. I haven't been able to work on the blanket as much as I'd like to. I had to run out today and get 4 more hanks of wool in the colours I'll be using most. I've decided to use only 1 shade of green in the blanket because the other greens were either too dark or too olive-y for the girls' room. The blanket is wider than I had estimated it to be for a twin-sized bed - it's 60" long (I'll edit this post later after I count how many stitches I made the chain). It could probably have been a couple inches narrower and still had some room to drape over the sides of the bed.

Ripple, Day 5 - flowing like a river

I thought everyone was nuts when they waxed all poetic over rippling, but now I'm a believer. I love this project.

Yarn Porn

Sorry everyone. I've been a naughty rippler. I haven't posted any progress pics of my 'ghan, yet I've been working on it, on and off for little over a week now. Hopefully I'll slap a pic of it this weekend. It's about halfway where I want to be... so I've got a ways to go.

Okay... so the title of this post? Yarn Porn? Well everyone... salivate over my "find." The local dollar store has Lion Suede on sale for a buck a skein, when you and I both know it retails at around $5.99 a skein elsewhere. Yesterday I bought up about 15 skeins, and today I bought 30 more. I might just go back there this weekend and finish up gobbling up the remainder in the bin (I tried some restraint today). My total savings (so far): $225.

What on earth could I possibly use all this Lion Suede for?


Advice please

Okay, I mentioned 300 chains to start my queen size blanket, projectedn size 90" x 90". Those of you making blankets this size - how many chains did you start with (thinking width of bed/blanket here). TIA!

I had my gray, pink, green, orange, cream wools ready, but adding it up needed more yarn, so I dug out ecru, brown, a little tan, and some more gray to add to it. It will have a lot more neutral color now, but dh will like it better I think. There are 4 more ecru and 2 more gray not shown here. I think it's going to be pretty, but huge! :-)

ripple scarve

my ripple scarve is finished!

well... it's not blocked yet, and actually, it is a bit short and i am quite tempted to unravel and start again... but still, my first finished crochet project in the last 8 years or so! (the last one was a coin purse made from parcel string, lined with a scrap of checked cotton, i was a student on work experience in ireland at the time and had a sunday with no plans and a little bit of homesickness)

i used a 3.5mm hook, and i think i crochet relatively tightly. like some others, i had problems because i didn't know there was a difference between US and UK crochet, unravelling perfect US dc's because i saw an instruction for UK dc's, then unravelling again when i realised that it just didn't look right!

i still have two 50g balls of the cashmerinosilk and one merino, in a sage green, plus half a ball of the fuchsia merino. maybe i'll start another one and make it longer this time.? I only got 8 rows out of the 100g of grey at this length, so the next scarve would have to be narrower again...

maybe somebody out there can tell me, the chain that you begin a crochet piece with, is there an equivalent (i.e. same width) for finishing? the two edges on the scarve aren't quite the same width because of the base chain, but a single crochet row at the end of the project is too wide.

New Rippler

Hey, everyone!!! I'm Missy, and I am a new rippler. This is my first successful crochet afghan. I am using a single crochet ripple pattern, and although it's quite tight I am really liking it. It was going to be a bedspread but it really shrunk up so now it's going to be a throw. Nice work every one. Thanks for letting me join in the fun!

Riss' Ripple - Start of day 3

Good morning ripplers :)

Today starts day 3, and a much smaller yarn stash. I've raided my Mom's stash too for different colors. I'm in serious need of some reds or pinks. I found a small ball of this beautiful mauve color, but its probably only enough to go once across instead of twice. Bummer.

Anywho, here are some new pictures. I've added the white, black and camo yesterday. This morning, I do believe i'll be adding a different shade of green from an afghan that i'm never going to finish. It was all shells of treble stitches and those are completely evil. EEEEVIL. :D After that, i'm probably going to add a beautiful light blue and browns verigated. Not sure what'll go after that. I'm a designer, so I can't just pick randomly. I'd only end up changing my mind afterwards. :D

As requested, I'm using a size K hook, and various yarns. Red Heart super savers and One pounders of pretty colored acrylics. I can't afford something nicer :\ It's going to be large enough to fit my king size bed in the long run, and measures about 9in so far.

Do you ever get going along... counting 6 and then 3 and then 6 and then 3... get into a nice groove... and then look back and realize you've forgotten to increase or decrease? I hate that...

I couldn't resist sharing this photo with you guys. I have to take my pics in the window because my room has like no good light. My cat jumped up there to sniff the outside. Pushed me right out of the way.

Happy rippling everyone!


I'm going away for a bit, but here's a game for you!

Howdy Ripplers!

In the name of the almighty family vacation, I head off to parts warmer than Minnesota today. That means things from my end are going to be a tad slow. I will make note of that in the sidebar, asking anyone that needs something to leave a comment with their email address. I won't be able to get my home email while I'm frolicking in the south, but will be able to hopefully pop into the blog a few times.

So. That's that.

But I have an idea.

I was popping about some blogs like I haven't had the chance to since all this ripplyness started. And guess what? Ripples are EVERYWHERE. Really. There are stories all over of crafters picking up the hooks and kicking back with the ripples. My heart went pitter pat, as it usually does, when I clicked into the Yarn Pirate's blog to oggle me some yarn...and found her rippling!!! **GASP** Turns out she crocheted as a child and all the ripply goodness has brought her back to it now. HOW FUN IS THAT?!?!?!


And it got me thinking. And sometimes that's good, and sometimes that's bad, but hey I think this is one of the former. What say you to a RIPPLE TREASURE HUNT? Venture out to find the ripple, wherever it might be living on the web. And bring your treasures back here to share with all. Label your posts with "treasure hunt" pretty please, and most likely toss that into the title somehow too. Don't go stealing pictures now, but give us links to blogs or Flickrs or whatever. THIS IS GOING TO BE SO FUN!!!

And one more request from the ether...when you give updates about your projects, can you include your yarn choices and hook/needle sizes? Inquiring ripplers want to know!

So, I'm off my dears. Will check in when I can. Happy Rippling!


I'm New Too!

Hmmmm. I have no idea what just happened to my post. It came up all funky and numbers and ampersands and stuff. That'll teach me to go foolin with the html code.

Anyway, what I said was, Hi, I'm new, I'm naughtydebbers' sister, I'm jealous cuz she's here and I'm not, yada yada yada.

Cut to the chase, here's the pseudo-ripple I finished most recently:
And here's the Salvation Army Store mystery yarn special I started yesterday.

I'm just happy to be here.