Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Hidy ho Oh Rippled Ones....

Well, I know I've been scarce when it comes to blogging, but I have been reading everyone's entries and LOVING all the ripple ghans coming to light!

Here's my latest pic as I've gotten to work on it a bit this past week.

I have started on the 3rd repeat and I am LOVING this ghan! This has to be one of my favorites that I've ever made and I've been making ghans for 30+ years! Here it is laying across my king sized bed:
Ignore all the stuff (except my adorable puppy) in the background. Today was cleaning day. LOL

Well, tonight I'll be crocheting on it for 3 solid hours. Bones, American Idol and Medium are on, so I'll be planted when the kids go to bed watching and rippling!

Have fun everyone!

New Pattern News!

Hey all!

Sorry I've been a bit scarce round bouts here, but I've been in a mommy funk. "What have I done with my life? Will I ever again have a life?" Yada. Yada. Mired, that be me recently.

Anyway, just caught up on some invites, and found this new pattern for a granny/ripple combo with a quite ingenious decrease I haven't seen before. Check it out. And drop Krisitn a virtual pat on the back while you're at it...she may be doing more than lurking here soon!

More later my ripplistas...

Dawn aka The HRM

Public Hooker

Hello all,

No pictures today... but I wanted to post about my wonderful experience with my crochet at work. I work at Fox River, where we make socks. So I'm "fondling" yarn all day long while packaging the finished product. My breaks and lunch time are spent working on a small project of some kind. I've done a few scarfs *christmas stock* a few squares for a granny swap, along with a red/white/blue round ripple I'm trying to work on. **pictures soon** Well today I really wanted to work on my baby ripple. I was worried about the color changes getting in the way and taking up too much time during my short breaks, but I have them down to a science now and changes are quick. We got to work pretty early today *not planned* and I sat down to start working on the ripple. A few people just stared at me... probably wondering if I was nuts. But the ladies my hubby and I sit with at lunch stopped by and admired the work. Every day these ladies ask me what I have brought to work on that day.

Happy hooking all!

2nd Ripple

P.S. Since I originally posted this, that ripple is no more. I frogged it all out and started over, and over, and over. Can’t seem to get a color combo I like, so I’m thinking of making one out of a solid color. Now to figure on what color. Maybe it’s not that I have a fear of color, maybe I’m just color challenged!

Finished the 1st, now on to something more colorful...sort of. Try as I will, no matter what I do, it always turns out more subtle. I think I have a fear of color...did you know there really is such a thing? I looked it up, it's called Chromophobia.

After finishing the 1st afghan, my fingers were bored! I put the 200 Ripple Patterns book on hold at the library and when it became available, I found the pics in the book like eye candy. So many colors and patterns!

I commend those of you who are just learning to crochet and are making the Soft Waves pattern. I kept losing my place and making mistakes. I need some "holes" in the ripples to keep me on track.

Sooooo, I'm using "Gary's Ripple" from the book and using an F hook, Caron Simply Soft yarns and some yarn from my stash.

Still loving all the pics you gals provide...many are getting so creative in displaying their art!

My First Ripple (and Now I'm Hooked!)

I was recently given a stash of rather hideous acrylic yarn to use for my charity crafting. I've decided to make it into a small (36" square) ripple and donate it to either Project Linus, my local hospital, or The Snuggles Project (Hugs for Homeless Animals). Where it goes depends on how it turns out. I'm using Susan's Easy Ripple pattern. Here's the start of it. What do you think? Not too hideous, is it? (That's a deep burgundy third from the right.)

I'm loving working on this already! I would love to make a queen-size ripple to use in place of a comforter on my bed. I'm thinking lots of colors of Peace Fleece. Wonder if that would be warm enough to replace a comforter . . .

Side note: I started the Soft Waves ripple from 200 Ripple Stitch Patterns, but I had some trouble with row 2. The peaks and valleys weren't matching up for me. Is there an error in the pattern, or did I just goof? I didn't try very hard to figure it out. I was feeling impatient and just wanted to get going already :-)