Sunday, May 27, 2007

Wow, Ive finally finished up on my Granny Square Along afghan so now Im starting my Round Ripple Soft Waves afghan. Im making it for a friend of mines friend. huh? I cant write poetry!
I got the pattern from Mik Knits & Crochets, Too!. Its a great pattern very easy and simple to read. I love the colors. Its going to a baby boy that is due in September. Its my first ripple attempt. If I like it Im thinking of making a big one for my king bed.
Ok Ill send more pics as I progress along. Have a very Happy Memoria Day!

Say ooooh! Say aaaah!

I just had to show off again. The little-boy-big-bed-blanket arrived at its intended destination. This picture made it worth the pricey shipping it cost me to get it there. My daughter says he loves it and I can't believe it was the perfect size because it was my practice peice and I was just using up odd skeins of yarn plus a few I had to buy to make it big enough. I was guessing at the size. I think I guessed pretty good.

Addendum to the finished ripple

I just wanted to share this: I just washed my purple ripple in cold water with Ivory Snow, on the delicate cycle, and fabric softener in the rinse. Then dried it on delicate low heat setting. OMG it is so soft and cuddly I just wanted to wrap up in it and nap! It turned out beautiful!

My first ripple-DONE!

I finished it today......Caron Simply Soft in every shade of purple available. I am pretty happy with it. This one will go to my daughter. Now I'm going to start a Halloween granny square afghan I found on is AWESOME. But I have been toying with the idea of making an orange and black Halloween ripple too. Then some Christmas throws...maybe a granny and ripple. I will be crocheting nonstop to the end of the year..........then start all over!