Friday, March 16, 2007

Patterns from bowiechick...

...soon to be rippler. She's lurking and plotting and came across these she wanted to share:

...and since i've had a slew of new rippler requests today, i thought to get them out of hiding in the comments post haste!

FYI, our ranks are 65 at the moment, but we have close to 20 outstanding invites! Once again, if you'd like to join and haven't yet done so, please leave a comment WITH YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS or send it to me at: kyogadawn at visi dot com.

Rippling in Norway

Hi, my name is Hilde C, and I live in Norway. I’ve been reading this blog for a while now, looking at all the wonderful ripples and colours. Now I thought it was about time to participate. I don’t often start huge projects like this, but this one was to tempting to resist, and now I think I’ve got some kind of ripple-fever.
I decided to use colours I associate with autumn, which is a bit odd since I’m constantly thinking of spring nowadays, but that’s just the way it is. I didn’t have enough stash, so I decided to buy yarn instead. I chose Falk from Dale of Norway, which is 100% wool, because this ripple will be used in wintertime. I also chose this yarn because of the colour range, and because I can use a crochet hook number 6.00 mm. I tried using the stripe generator, but we didn’t get along. Now I find that I like the fact that the pattern of colours isn’t decided beforehand. OK, back to my ripple mania :-)

Mandi's Ripple

Hey Y'all! My name is Mandi and I live in NC. I started working on my ripple last Monday. So it's been going for almost two weeks now.
I'm making it for my sons bed, he picked out all the colors (some a little bright for my taste). Right now I'm 15 stripes into it (each stripe is two rows so 30 rows) and I have a long way to go. The blanket measures 85 inches wide, so it will make a nice addition to his full size bed when I get finished with it.
The picture below was taken a few days ago since then I've added 5 more stripes (red, black, burgandy, green and another navy). I will probably update the picture on my blog sometime this weekend if I can get a good picture ( my blog ).
I love working with what the random stripe generator spit out for me! It takes all the thought out of the project for me, and makes this blaket soothing and mindless to work on.
Oh I'm using the Easy Ripple pattern from here.

Just getting started

rippling along

I'm finally getting started about 7 rows completed and lots to go. Not sure about the current green but I'm trying to get used to it.

Rippler Highlight of the Day

Hello-y 'Lo Ripplers!

I've been meaning to do this for awhile now, but you know life, it's pesky. I've been popping over to your blogs and websites as I can get to them, and I've seen some fabulous non-ripply stuff I've been meaning to point big neon winking arrows at. Today what I found brought such a huge smile to my face and totally engrossed the wee ones as well that I had to take a minute for show and tell.

Go to Stasia's Blog, Yarn and a Barn and watch the video. Be warned you will want to close up shop and jump to the country. Yep, Stasia has a FARM! With GOATS! And SHEEP! And that means fiber and spinning! Just color me every shade of green you can think of. And she's just a stone's throw from me too. Small world. She has some of her own patterns linked too, check them out.

Hopefully I'll have time to do this every few days. You are all just too fun not to share!

Your ever-loving Ripple Mistress, Dawn

I have the rhythm.

My afghan is humming along now. My son picked the Regatta pattern from Ripple Stitch Patterns, as well as the colors, I wanted him to pick a random pattern as well. I had bits of yarn for him to arrange and tape across a piece of paper. Being the First Grade Mathematician that he is, he created a very clear pattern to repeat. I tried to explain random to him but he was having none of it.
A nice winter storm is beginning and I am looking forward to a weekend of rippling.



I finally learned how to ripple after trying out a few different patterns that curled instead of ripple. I'm still at the swatch stage. The pattern that I found was for a pillow and the direction was to cast on 74 stitches and start at the 4th chain so my next challenge is do mulptiple of 74 or 71 because of the beginning 3 chains. Am I making any sense? I guess I just have to try it and check it out for myself.
This is how my ripple blanket looks like 2 days ago.I'm beginning to like my colours better and better now. I realy enjoy working on it a lot.

Oh how slow my ripple does grow

I said I didn't crochet much, I'm abit jealous of everyone else & their blankets as they seem to be growing twice as fast as mine.
Here is what I've done since I last posted, I think I've added about 3 rows, more photos will be on my blog.
Nevermind like I said I only crochet in the evening while watching tv & I haven't done much of that lately, I've been so busy with other projects.
Check out my blog & you'll see what I mean
It is so fun to see all the blankets, I just want to curl up under all of them.