Friday, April 13, 2007

Kitty in a Blanket

I'm now eight and a half rows into the blanket, and guess what - still not feeling it. My cat, however, definately is!

Ripple Blanket: Eight Rows
"Mmmmm crochet and yarn." She says.
I am working on another pink stripe right now - same colour, different yarn. A bit wonky, I know. It's definately a different texture - this current one is kind of scratchy and every so often I find wood chips in it. Any idea what it might be?
I'm still worried that my blanket will be ugly. But still chuggin' away and letting Goddess Yarn take over. Next I'm putting in orange, then a white shade. I guess I'm not relinquishing all control to the Goddess.

In other news, I love how everyone's blankets are turning out. I'm itching to do a Babette, but must get some of these other blankets out of the way first!

xoxo Jen (

hello, my name is

(yeah right, like i'm gonna post that here!) and i'm a lazy person.
yes. very lazy. i've been putting off blogging, for laziness purposes. thinking is exhausting. crafting as well.
but i'm back (i think), and i'm rippling, (can't show you pictures though).
i frogged some of my first rows, cause they were not looking good, and it required a lot of gymnastic abilities, but it's done, without having to frog all of it. i also took about 25 inches from the sides (also a manoeuvre deserving of Olympic medals - note the use of plural) cause it was too wide and sagging from the bed too much. it's good now, it looks good, it's good to ripple again, cause before it was so wide it was tiresome, and i got bored halfway through it. well, not anymore, i got a lot done. will try for some pictures in the near future.

Lotsa stripes...

So it's been a while since i've posted. I've started repeating my colors finally. I think I bought too many colors :D I believe the last time I posted, I was working on the country rose stripe next to the mustard color one. I"ve added a lot since then. I've been dog sitting the past week, and have been rippling like a mad woman.

I did some measuring with my tape measure, and the blanket measures 50 inches exactly. I measured how much of the bed was left and its about 28 inches. Then I measured 28 inches on the blanket, and its about 23 stripes. Not much left to go!

Still using a size K hook, and Red Heart Super Saver yarns.
Its getting too big to grab a picture of the whole thing.

I've been fantasizing about the next ripple i'm gonna do. It'll only have 3 or 4 colors this time... Throw sized... and I'm gonna do it in a soft yarn, probably the caron simply soft that you guys are all using... We'll see.

Obligatory kitty picture.
He's about ready to attack my hand and the camera. I was poking at him trying to get him to move. :D

Hi I'm Tawana

I'm new to ripple along, in the sense that this is my first time posting but I have been lurking and leaving comments. All the different Ripples are so beautiful. I have been patiently waiting to be able to post, but since then I had done alot with my Ripple.

This was it a couple of weeks ago.(Oops, this was it before I frogged it because the cast on edge was too tight, I changed the order of some of the colors.) This is it several days ago:

Currently I am into the 3rd set of 4 repeats of the repeating color. This is going to be a baby carriage blanket. Well I am off to ripple some more and plan my next afghan.


I just signed up for the ripple-along today, although I've been watching you all ripple for a while now.

This isn't the first time I've made ripples. Here's a blanket for our queen-size bed which I made 5 or 6 years ago now -- it took me a long time. It's been several years since I've had my crochet hook out. I've been doing more knitting and sewing in recent times.

I have some Red Heart Yarn that's been sitting waiting for me to be ready to make an afghan (cheap and easy to wash is good for an afghan in my book, especially now that I have a baby in the house). Depending on how big I decide to make this afghan I may have to get more, but I have supplies to get started.

Now for the dilemma. My problem is what stitch pattern to use. The ripples I've done before came from a pattern booklet called "Rippling Effects" by Carole Prior. I've been looking through and trying to decide whether I want to use one of those patterns this time. One thing I don't like is that they mostly seem more zig-zag than ripple to my eye. But I can't find my other crochet pattern book at the moment, and I don't want to risk getting sidetracked searching around the Internet...

So I made this swatch using the "rustic ripple" pattern from my booklet. I can't decide whether or not I like the way the colours transition. It's a bit like the back of plain knitting which can be great.

Any thoughts? Or recommendations for a ripple pattern online that's fluid not pointy?!

(I also posted about this at my own [new] blog - Commonplace Iris)