Tuesday, September 25, 2007

a general hello

I just wanted to say hi and tell everyone out there that I have been so inspired by wonderful projects I've seen on this site and hope to share my own with you soon.


Yay, I'm here!

This blog inspired me to start the first ripple I've made since I was a teenager (I'm 48 now), when I made one from a kit in graduated shades of avocado (it would have coordinated with the refrigerators of the time). I've been crocheting and knitting sporadically since I was a kid, and have made several grannyghans over the last couple of years, but had kind of forgotten about ripples. This site (and some others I found through this one) reminded me of how great these could look. That said, the one I'm making is not at all elegant, but has colors selected by my 13-year old son. He wanted neon green and black; I added orange and a bit of yellow to make the rippling more fun for me. Plus, we live in Miami, and green and orange are the school colors of the University of Miami. Go 'Canes! The pictures don't really capture the vividness of the colors, which are the Simply Soft Brites. These were taken about a week or more ago, I'm now starting the fourth repeat. I'll post again when it's done.