Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Ripple 3 Finished... Must ripple more...

Well, here is the newest to my ripple family. I've finally completed the rainbow ripple. I think it's beautiful :D Sorry for the crummy picture quality and stuff. Seeing as how I'm on crutches, there is only so much artistic ability I can put into these pics without being able to clean up and get around and things. :)

This ripple was completed with a size K hook, using Red Heart Super Saver yarn. I used Susan B's Easy Ripple pattern. The bed it's laying on is a full, to give you an idea of the size. It was meant as a throw, but as you can see, it's a wee bit bigger than that. :) I'm not even entirely sure of how many foundation chains I did...

I'm planning on giving this to my girlfriend Patty today. She's my best friend, and I've yet to make her anything crochet related. She didn't even get a scarf for Christmas this year! So she'll be the first recipient of an original Rissymur ripple. :) I hope she likes it...

My next ripple project is a throw for my friend Katie, and then one for my Mom. Katie's will be with homespun yarns of blues and browns. Mom wants one in greens to match her bedroom. I can't wait to start rippling again! *hunts around for some new yarn to ripple*

Finished ripple!

I finished my (first) ripple on Saturday, and boy am I happy to have finished it. For a number of reasons: I only learnt to crochet 3 months ago, so it feels like a major accomplishment to have finished this; I'm ready make something else, with some different colours; I was getting impatient to see the finished thing; and it was getting too hot (it's wool!) to work on this!

Here's a post with more pictures, and here's one with some statistics - ha ha, geeky I know. But surely, I'm not the only one doing that sort of thing? Or maybe I am... ;-)

Wave Ripple Completed!

Well, it's official.....my 2 spoiled kitties have their 'Wave Ripple' (albeit in a smaller version) to snuggle up on. I used Red Heart super saver for the first time and had my doubts while crocheting with it, but all I can say is WOW, after washing it......it softens up beautifully. Naturally, softy soft is very important to my 2 recipients. :)

I did reverse single crochet all around the 4 borders to give it a finished, yet durable edging and I'm very pleased with the way it worked out. Thanks to Michelle for the corrected copy of the pattern!

Calling all Crocheters - Can you Spare a Square?

I hope you all don't mind me putting a post here about the following but it's for a very good cause. I am part of the ripple along and I do ripple away my time, but I've been asked by Shelly from This Eclectic Life to be a part of a project to crochet granny squares to make afghans for kids with Cancer. I put out an invitation to you all to make one square and send it to Shelly at:
Shelly Tucker
P.O. Box 2241
Denton, Tx 76202

I just made 10 of them myself and sent them off to Shelly so her volunteers can assemble them into afghans for the kids at Camp Sanguinity!

Stripe blocks

Has anyone tried making a ripple afghan by making several afghan-wide strips, and joining them? I mean, like, say you're making a 150 cm wide by 210 cm long afghan, and you could chain for the entire width but only crochet the first 30 cm or so, and then bind it off and start a new strip, then when you had seven of them, you could just join them together. It occurred to me that that might be a nice way to avoid having an enormous warm afghan on my lap if I want to continue working on it over the summer. Mine's only about 50 cm long so far, but it can get a little warm sometimes. :)

I'm still new enough to not really know how one would actually join the strips seamlessly (and I've never made any granny blocks or anything), but ... although I'm really enjoying seeing my 'ghan progress, it's toasty! :)

Another Ripple Started

I have already started a new ripple, I couldn't keep myself.
This is what I've done so far, I still have 5 more colours to add.
I'm loving it so far, I've been inspired by so many of all the ripples I've seen here.
All the colour combinations are so lovely, I hope mine will look good in the end with the colours I've bought, only time will tell.