Thursday, March 8, 2007

Rippling in Brooklyn

Hi Ripplers,

Tonight I've been contemplating my Ripple ingredients--some stashed and some new Rowan Cotton Glace--and trying out different widths for my afghan. I think I'm now on the move! I love all of the colors and variations I'm seeing from everyone, and can't wait to see mine progress. It's really impossible to tell what it'll turn into, right? I guess the mystery is part of the appeal... my only disappointment so far is that I had to switch from a lovely vintage crochet hook of my grandma's (which was kind of uncomfortable to hold) to a plain old steel one...well, so be it!

Here's my gang of colors:

oh, it's just a wee bit more than i can bear!

Sat down with my ripple this afternoon and realized that when I last ripped the colors I wasn't happy with, well, somehow I ended up adding a stitch to one side. And you know how you don't necessarily notice a small flaw until it's get magnified by duplicating it over and over again? Well, about 15 rows later, one edge has a definite list.


I couldn't bear to take pictures. It's too painful.

Wanted you all to know I'll be a mite shy about here the next few days. Offspring #1 turns 6 tomorrow and the in-laws are coming in for the festivities. Will check in as I'm able. If there are newbies looking for help or to join, I'm confident you all will point them in the right direction.

BTW, anybody know French? I've gotten an email from someone that needs help figuring out the stitch and can't find online resources in French. If you think you can help her or know where she can get it, pop me an email and I'll get you connected.

...oh, and by the way, we're over 50 members strong now!!!


I was thinking about my ripple afghan and how nicely homey/homely it is. Each color seems to stand out, especially when there is only one row. Then with two rows it starts to blend. It is almost like magic. Maybe it is because I become accustomed to them after a bit, and then they aren't so jarring after all. Then the process starts all over again with the next new color. Life as afghan. *grin*

I love all the colors so much that I can't bring myself to just carry along the few I will be working with - they have to be all together in a big baglady bag, or like a traveling circus.

baglady ripple afghan

After I had a few stripes done I realized that I am recreating a yet-to-be-created-planned-but-not-even-started quilt done up in 30s/40s prints.

ripple afghan like 30s prints

I am really loving it!

Susan (aka ZenKnit)

I Needed To Use A Different Chair

Ripple, Day 10My ripple's grown too big for the rocking chair I was using before. Here's my progress on Day 10. Still fun, still relaxing, still satisfying. And I love seeing everyone's photos!

Ripples Reach Seoul!

Hello, everyone! I'm another newbie--to crocheting, and to joining Internet communities. This whole ripple-along thing is so powerful, it has got me to pick up a crochet hook and learn for the first time, and it has also brought me out of my long-standing lurker status to actually pipe up and add my two cents' worth! Heady stuff, I tell ya!

Anyway, I am from Canada originally, but I now call Korea home. I have been teaching English here for 8 years, and am loving it. I've been knitting a blanket in fits and spurts for almost that whole time, and it's about 80% done, but once I saw this ripple-along blog, I knew I had to do something about it...I'll finish the knitting later!

So, last Friday, I was passing by a little yarn shop in the subway station near work, and I decided all of a sudden to just pick up some yarn and start. Not the most thought-out plan, because the yarn is actually kind of cheap, and sold in really small amounts, so it's not the most economical way--but I consider this my "practice" blanket. I plan on going to the yarn wholesale market here in Seoul and making a nicer one with softer, natural yarns later. So for now, I'm having tons of fun with this one, even though it's not nearly as nice as all the other fantastic, beautiful blankets on this blog. I'm in awe of you all!

So here are a couple of pictures to show you what I've done. I started this blanket on Monday, and have been working at it obsessively since then. This is what it looked like on Wednesday morning (I got my 11 am Reading/Writing class to model it with me):

and this is what it looks like now, (Friday am, Korean time):

There is more on my blog, and I will post here occasionally to let you all know how I'm doing. Keep the ripples coming, because I am enjoying everyone else's projects as much as my own!

Anyway, nice to meet you all!


Back At It

I can't believe I forgot to blog here yesterday, even after I put my photos on Flickr. Der. So here, on Day 10, is my Day 9 progress. I did go a full day without rippling a couple of days ago, and I hated it. Mustn't do that again.
Ripple, Day 9
The yarn in the photo is Elsbeth Lavold Silky Wool. It's slightly lighter in weight than all the other yarns, but it worked out beautifully. That stretch of the blanket is becoming quite colourful. More updates soon!

Round ripple pattern

In case anyone was looking for a round ripple pattern, this one is just like the one I'm working on.

Happy rippling,