Thursday, October 18, 2007

Post-Ripple Yarn Ends

I've been trying and trying to get a good shot of my ripple--it's so hard to capture all the colors, but here's a couple of shots:

It's got a really nice, heavy drape, like my grandmother's bedspreads of bygone days. Of course, those were more formal; she crocheted them in ivory thread with a teeny needle, and they had such stately presence on the beds. I think of the ripple as a more casual, modern version of my Bubbe's fancy 'ghans.

Now, the ripple ends. What to do? There is a treasure trove of beautiful leftover thread. I'd been working on a granny 'ghan, which was coming along nicely, but I began to realize how little I wanted to piece it together at the end. Then, looking through "Mason-Dixon Knitting," I noticed the gorgeous knit log cabin blankets. I decided to try one in crochet with leftover ripple. Check it out here at my blog. It is SO much fun!