Monday, May 21, 2007

Oh how I love the Ripples!

I am constantly working on a ripple of some sort ... but here is my current... Stash busting some Bernat Softee Chunky ...

I think it will be a baby blanket size ... probably to donate. I love seeing everyone's ripples ... such inspiration!

The End Draws Nigh, Alack Alas

I'm almost done with my first (you notice I said first) Ripple--just a few more ripples to go. To stave off withdrawal, I already have Ripple Two on the back burner, yarn chosen and purchased, even a test run done...but nothing will ever take the place of my darling Ripple One...we've been through so much together, Ripple and I...

Here's my fave color run:

More online crochet help

Howdy Ripplers!

I seem to be running across crochet tutorials everywhere I look right now. Here are another bunch at Stitch Diva Studios for you to check out. Covers the basics and some more advanced techniques as well. Very clear pictures that walk you through step by step. No help specific to ripple patterning, but they cover decreases well, and hey, ya gotta start somewhere, right?

New Rippler (With Questions)

Hi everybody! I'm the new rippler in town. I've got one skein in every color of Knitpicks Shine Sport and a size G hook just waiting for some free time. I'm so excited!

In the mean time, I've been swatching, and I think something is wrong. I did the whole borrow-the-book-from-the-library-and-copy-down-the-pattern thing, and I think I made a mistake in the set-up rows. The pattern is (you guessed it) Soft Waves. In the version I scribbled all three rows are identical (except row 1 starts with the 4th chain instead of the 1st stitch), and I feel like that just can't be right (otherwise why would the pattern be three rows and not one or two?). Also my swatches have strangely sloping edges.

If anyone can shed some light on this by emailing me with the set-up rows (1&2), that would be fantastic! The book is already checked out elsewhere, and I don't know how else I'll get a look at the pattern. You can't expect me to wait a month to start rippling, can you?

claudzilla [at] gmail [dot] com.

Thank you!

Getting there...

I am finally making a little more progress on my ripple. Working lots of hours, sore hands and busy kids do put a damper on the rippling. But....

I have managed to get this far, and I really love it. My blog is here if you want to read more.

It is so fun looking at all the great pictures and color choices. Do the rest of you plot new ripples in your sleep? Or is it just me? Hehe.

The 10 pound ripple

Yes, I think this one will weigh at least 10 pounds when it's done. It'll probably squish whoever tries to snuggle under it. But I still like it...

On my way...

A big thank you to everyone that helped me figure out what I was doing wrong on the Soft Waves Pattern. I finally got off to a great start and now I can't put it down!!! I worked about 8 rows in one colorway and it wasn't quite working, so I frogged it all, went to the store and bought all new yarn. Now I'm loving it!

Yarn: An assortment of cotton yarns that includes Sugar'n Cream, Lion Brand Cotton-Ease and Plymouth Jeannee.
Pattern: Soft Wave from Jan Eaton's 200 Ripple Stiches
Hook Size: J

The color inspiration comes largely from Heather Bailey's new line of fabric Freshcut. (Specifically the 3rd colorway) I'm a big fan. :)

Hello Again!!

First, I just want to say all your ripples look BEAUTIFUL! :) Wonderful jobs and keep up the good work!! :)

As for mine, I had to frog it once and then start over!! ICK!! I am now half way done it, yet again, and going strong. I think I may need to go to the craft store and get more yarn for it. Oh darn. lol I also want to do a tank top for my daughter in a ripple pattern as I just bought the 200 ripple pattern book. :) I think she would look sooo cute! Well I hope everybody has a wonderful ripple day!