Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Slow & Steady

Ripple, Day 2Here's my progress as of last night. I've since added the next colour (what is it? Stay tuned!). We're spending a few days with family due to some bizarrely timed medical emergencies (everyone's okay, thank goodness) - my bag of ripples was the first thing I grabbed in the middle of the night yesterday when it was time to leave the house. Man, am I happy I have it with me. More tomorrow!

Unconvinced About My Colors

Hello, All! Thanks, Dawn, for putting this together.

Like just about everyone else, I was inspired by Alicia's throw, based on Jane's. I'm glad to see others have been bitten by the bug as well. I hadn't crocheted in quite some time, but I'm loving the soothing rhythm of this work (especially since I'm using one of Bill's hooks.)

I expect that I'll end up mumbling double-crochet nonsense by the time I finish this, as Alicia described here... but for now, it's wonderful.

I'd read - I think it was in the Mason-Dixon Knitting book - that one could combine any warm and cool colors as long as they weren't black, white, primary, or pastel, so I attempted to do a sort of "Mission Falls" palette using Blue Sky Alpacas cotton. It's lovely to work with, fantastically soft... but I'm not so sure of my color combo. I'll keep plugging along and see how it goes. I do have some Mission Falls cottons in the stash so perhaps they'll be my next effort - I'm thinking these things are addictive.

Without further ado, here's my throw so far, next to the magazine featuring Alicia's lovely home:

I also used the random stripes generator tool, and it's so fun! I'd encourage anyone interested to take a peek. What wonderful things there are on the 'Net!

Loving everyone's photos - thanks for sharing.

Stasia At Yarn And A Barn

Long live the ripple blanket!!

I found Alicia's blog following a search for a ripple crochet pattern. I have since visited every day to check the progress of her beautiful blanket (as well as her life in general). Everything she touches is beautiful!! Her blanket inspired me to create one which will go to a co-workers daughters. I can't wait to see how they like it because I LOVE it. I ended up using a mix of leftover pastels from the slew of baby blankets I have been working on as of lately. :)


Thanks for the invite, y'all. I am stoked. I'm making a baby afghan for a friend, just a great excuse to do this. Here's the stash I'm using:Citrus, white, and grape for a little kick. I don't want it to get too light. The pattern I adapted from the crochet stitch bible, wavy ripples. They use DC, but I want thinner stripes so I am using SC's. Here's the wiggle worm beginning...I put all the colors in a baggie and I think I'll just draw them out randomly to choose what color goes next. We'll see! I'm headed to maine this sunday for a week of family time so hopefully I can keep up!

Attempt a Pic

Ah, ha! Sorry for the nearly double post, but I was determined to figure this picture thing out. Thankfully, I noticed the correct buttons. This is the ripple baby afghan I am nearly finished with. I would prefer a brighter colors, but these are available locally (a euphemism for Wal-Mart) in baby sport yarn. When I get yarn for my granddaughter's blanket, it will be worsted and hopefully, brighter pastels.

Ah, I made it!

Well, I finally got in. Just a small snafu with setting up a Google account, but all is well now!

I'm excited to be here. I'll be purchasing yarn for a new ripple this weekend, probably. One of our little granddaughters will be 6 this summer and I'm thinking she would love a colorful "blanket" for her bed. Pastels, centering around lavender to match her bedroom, hmmmm? In the meantime, I'm nearly done with this ripple, a baby blanket for another grand, scheduled to arrive this summer.

ETA: OK, how does one post a picture on this thang? Lemme see... Well, perhaps someone can give me a tutorial on posting pics. I've uploaded the same pic twice, but it's not showing up. Help for an aging brain?

Button, button, who's got the button?

We do, we do! Not only do we have one button, we have 2!

Thanks to Kim:

...and Kara:

My eternal thanks for accomplishing feats of rippledom beyond my meager,photoshop deprived technical skills. Now go snag 'em baby!

I'm in trouble too

I've never actually done a ripple before now, so I had no idea just how damn addictive it can be. Last night the very first thing I did after I came home was paw through the stash. I think everyone else's colors are WAY better than mine -- see below for 21 flavors of fug. I'm hoping I can pull it off though. I do have a whole other stash that I will be looking at this weekend. I chained 303 and did three rows in three colors last night. And then I dreamed in ripples. This is bad.