Monday, June 11, 2007

wear your ripple

My ripple in Manos Del Uraguay is comming along. I'm starting to run out of some of the colors so I think the end is near.

I had to share this. The new summer Knitty is up and they have a ripple skirt. It comes in adult sizes too, go check it out.

The end!

The ten pound ripple is complete! It actually weighs "only" 7lbs, but it's lap size, so that's a whole lot!

Fatcat was perplexed...

On to the next ripple adventure...

Hi Everyone!

I have my ripple afghan going strong. I'm using Susan B's pattern and am enjoying it very much. The yarn is RH Super Saver, many different colors. I'm just sort of throwing in colors as I go with no set pattern of stripes. It's so much fun to watch this unfold. Love seeing everyone else's ripples. There is more on the horizon, especially a round one. I just love the looks of a round ripple.

I also have Jan Eaton's 200 Ripple Stitch patterns book and am eager to do several in there, both knit and crochet. So many ripples, so little time.