Tuesday, March 20, 2007

sunshine progress!

hello all! I had quite a horrible weekend, involving sewage in our basement, a cold, and an interminable wait for the plumber. But I did get a lot of crocheting done, and weaving in ends as well. here it is:

Just Spinning Along

Hello All. I have not posted in about a week. I have been making minor progress and spending alot of time setting up my blog. Boy can that put hair on your chest!! Anyway I am really loving my colors and can't wait to get more done this week and weekend. My 10 y/o chose the colors and we got them from Knit Picks. It is the DK Merino style wool. It was very reasonable, and is a very nice yarn to work with. This will be a queen size, so pretty big. I have also been tickled by all of the posts and wonderful progress I have seen on the site. Dawn is doing such a fantastic job on this site. Thank you Dawn!!

One more thing I wanted to add today. After reading Scout's Swag this morning, she spoke about losing her Mother. My own Mother died this past August. Despite the fact that we had our ups and downs growing up, there are many things I carry with me forever . She taught me crocheting, knitting, baking, housecleaning, and how to scrub the front steps with Comet every Saturday! Altho there are many other things, because of her I will be able to pass these skills onto my daughter, and in turn to her daughter after her. What a precious gift.

Ahhhhh the Colour of it all!

I picked up the yarn to begin my Ripple for my daughter's Christmas present. I love the colour combination. I got 8 balls of Bernat Satin in an array of colours - I have some lovely cream that will be worked up into the afghan as well.

Not to mention that I treated myself to a Clover crochet hook - that looks really comfortable! I am using the free pattern that was posted here, I can't wait to start it. I tried to get it going last night and I must have been to sleepy as I miscounted the chain and had to rip out - will try again tonight.

Happy Rippling!

Ripple Skirt

Hello Ripple Along Friends,

So this is where I’m up to with my ripple test/practice. I actually frogged what I did so far and re-evaluated the ripple pattern/instruction I got from my sister inlaw's book because what I posted last time wasn't good enough. I think I finally figure it out. I will turn this test into a skirt and then ripple up a blanket for my little boy with a more organize color palette.

NEW clickable buttons!!!

Hip-hip-hooray for Megan!!!

Our resident html/java expert has us up and running with new, improved clickable button capability! Want clickable ripple buttons on your blog? Follow this:

1) Check out the sidebar. Under each button you'll find a box of text. Copy it.

2) If you've a blog on blogger, go to your template tab. Choose to "add an element" to your sidebar section. A window will pop up. Choose the "html/java" option. Paste the text you copied into the big box. Save it in both the pop up window and on the template page.

3) Viola, it should work! Now run to Megan's blog and leave her hugs and cookies!

If you don't have a blogger blog, I'm assuming there is somewhere similar on your blog's template that you can use the code, I just don't know where. If you can't figure it out, ask Megan, I bet she can tell you!

Thar she grows!

Hi Everyone -

Here's my progress report this week. I ordered some more Rowan Pure Wool DK from Elann after Erica and Amandasan clued me in that Elann had gotten their order in stock (and at 40% off!). I did check there before ordering the first time but they must not have got it up on the site yet. It's a good deal for this wool, and allowed me to expand my color palette a bit.

Now we're up to 21 total balls, but I hope not to use them all! Each ripple (2 rows) takes up 20 grams of yarn. So I can get two full ripples out of each 50gram ball. Now I just need to figure out how tall I want to make it.



I've done nothing but ripple for the past week, knitting needles have been put in standby as I enjoy stacking up the little spots of color. When I hit a spot I don't like, I crochet furiously to add a few more color ripples to balance it out.

It's all a little game of balance- too much color, too little color. I hope looking at it from an overview once it's all done it will be fine and look properly intertwined.

More pics and info on my blog, thanks ~Keri

please help the button challenged!

OK, I freely admit I'm not a blogger expert. Far from it in fact.

But we need one.

Can anyone please, please, please explain to us how to not only get the button in the sidebar but have it actually link at the same time? I can do one but not the other. In the text of a post, no troubles, but the sidebar? Can't find a way...most likely involves going into the template code adn that scares me silly.

Help us out will you?

Dawn HRM

Showing off the ripples!

Hello everyone! This is my first time posting on the ripple-along. I really enjoy crocheting and knitting. This first photo is a ribbed ripple that I worked on off and on for a very long time, probably over 4 years, I finally finished it last year. I know it is pretty blurry, my camera is pretty old and falling apart. There is some pattern to it, A blue, A solid, A multi. There is one part that doesn't follow it, but oh well. The ribbing (which I know you can't see) comes from doing a front post double crochet in a ripple pattern. Each big section of color is one entire skein of yarn. It is really thick and heavy.
The next one pictured is my current leftovers/didn't have a project for blanket. This is a regular ripple afghan There is a color list on my new blog. This has turned more into a leftovers afghan, as you can see on the right. The purple in the middle and the gray on the end were pulled out of a different project and were all cut up into pieces. This one has also been in the works for a while, I recently finished a rainbow knitted baby blanket, which gave me leftovers to add to this afghan. I have a couple new colors to add to this one from a new ripple I recently started.

<--- This is my newest ripple, another ribbed ripple. at least in this one you can see the ribbing in the first picture. I am working this one from my stash, which is rather large and getting bigger. My step-mom gave me a HUGE bag of yarn that she no was no longer going to use. The second pic shows an estimate of how long it is which is about 60".

This last one is a knit ripple that is called a Feather and Fan pattern that I found on DIY Network, I have modified it some from the original, but the original is still a really great pattern on its own. I chose to do it in a rainbow of the colors, which makes it perfect for a baby blanket, the next color is red, then the colors repeat. This is about the third time I have done this pattern. I like it so much, and so have the parents of the kids they were for.

At the moment I can't find pictures of the round ripple I finished a while ago, I may have to go take pictures of it again at the new owners.
Thanks for giving me a place to share the ripply goodness!