Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hooking for Grandma

I'm so glad I found Lucy's pattern. I don't know when I've enjoyed working with a single pattern so much before. The granny square Grandma Wagner taught me when I was young is the only thing that halfway compares. Grandma made lots of ripples in her crocheting career, so I hope she's pleased with how this one turned out.

Last year, my cousin's youngest daughter, Katie, got married, and Grandma asked if I'd crochet an afghan for her to give her as a wedding present. (Grandma's in a nursing home now and unfortunately doesn't see well enough to make the stitches.) Yeah, I will! I did that one in hdc blues, Katie's favorite color. This summer, her sister, Jennifer, is getting married, so I'm hooking for Grandma again. (I sort of want to put that on a T-shirt!) Jennifer's favorite color is, you guessed it!, purple, so that's what I used.

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