Thursday, May 3, 2007

It really seems there is no end in sight!

A friend of mine has moved to Germany for the next 7 months, just for the fun of it! i wanted to make her a prayer shawl for her to have while she was there. i started this ministry at my church about 1 year ago. usually we knit but this time i decided i would ripple...just to mix things up a bit! i really like how it is coming out but it is just so SLOWWW!!! i have dreams of other projects (including another ripple or two!), but i really don't want to start another project until i get this one done! arg! here is what i have so far! i started with a big secction of red then 7 rows of navy, 5 rows of red, 6 rows of navy, 5 rows of red, 5 rows of navy, 5 rows of red, 4 rows of navy, 5 rows of red, 3 rows of navy, 5 rows of red, 2 rows or navy, 5 rows of red, 1 row of navy then 5 rows of red then back up....i realy like it...just want it to be finished!
Oh well! i will keep you all posted! Ripple -on!

Rippley McRipplerson

I am so excited that I finally get to post. My camera has had some serious issues but I have been enjoying all the rad ripples while waiting to post. I have been rippling for about three weeks while watching Freaks and Geeks and Arrested Development (Seasons 1 & 2) over and over. My ripple is 300 stitches long and let’s be honest, I don’t know when the madness will be over. I believe the ripple lets you know when it is done; it is not in my hands.

Maudie Jane

New to the Ripple along

I was so excited to find this blog with all the beautiful ripple afghans. I made this baby round ripple last week. I am now working on a full size one now. Ripples are very addicting. In the 70's I made two of the single crochet ripple afghans. One in shades of yellow, orange & brown & one in greens & blue.

Rip, Rip, Ripple

And, so, I frogged it. It's interesting--I've put together quite a few afghans, and had no trouble with the color. But, I think the main difference was that I started from scratch, in the yarn store, saying "I need 3 colors." Starting from stash, and wanting as many colors as I could find? Well, I went a bit wacko, and it showed.

Here is my newly-frogged ripple. The yarn balls on the left are the two colors that really killed it. They are going totally away. They were too muted/frosty, for what should really be a mix of spring/warm/clear tones. I didn't like the Caron Light Country Blue from the moment I got it home, but my Random Color Picker insisted, so I went for it. The peach I will discuss below. On the right are (some of) the colors that will go back, in a slightly different order, plus the skein of lt. coral that will replace the peach:

Here is what I am still mulling. I went earlier today and found this light coral yarn. It is very similar in shade to the other yarn (which is a higher grade acrylic--Unger Utopia--that I borrowed from another project). However, when I lay the coral on top of the afghan-in-progress, it sparkles. The peach yarn just sits there, looking boring.

The light is a bit different in these photos, but you can still see how the Utopia looks in the granny square--nice contrast, and it appears as a dark orangy peach. I guess if I've learned anything from this process it's that the more color you work with, the trickier it becomes to keep the project, as a whole, in focus. You can very easily end up with a glaring mistake that doesn't show up until it becomes part of that whole. So, then, you rip, rip, rip-it. :)

My Ripple...Finally!! :)

Hello!! :) Here is my ripple so far. I'ts only about 2 foot accross so far but I'm getting there. It's a mother's day present so I know I have to finish it soon. lol It's made with RH Buff and a matching fun fur! Hope you like it. :)

Another new rippler here!

Hi everyone! I'm so happy to be rippling along with all of you talented people. I've enjoyed watching everyone's beautiful projects grow and evolve. My ripple has proven a challenge to photograph - the colors don't show quite right, and on top of that, one of the smaller, furrier members of my family has claimed it for hers and hers alone.

I'm using a pattern copied from one of my husband's grandmother's afghans - she didn't remember how she had made it, but after a few false starts, we managed to figure it out. It is made of some no-name cotton-blend yarn I found in Chinatown for next to nothing. I wanted a blanket that will add weight but not a lot of warmth to the twin bed in our guest room, so I've been working quite loosely. I'm pretty pleased with how it's turning out so far.

The colors reminded me of maple flowers, and now that they're coming together, the ripples are giving off a great seventies vibe. I'm thinking of finishing it with a fringe of little macramé owls - how fun would that be?

Again, I'd just like to say how happy I am to be part of this project! Go ripples go!

Swatch and Math Done

Whoo Hooo! Half my yarn arrived just hours after my initial post this morning. I've now crocheted my swatch (check off one of my May to-do items), and I wanted you guys to check my math.

I started with 49 stitches (multiple of 12 + 1) and crocheted 6 rows, not counting the initial chain. My swatch is 13.5 in wide and 3.12 inches deep. So I'm getting 0.28 in per stitch in width and 0.52 inches per row. I took the dimensions of the swatch and multiplied to get sq in= 42.12. Then I frogged all the work, less the chain, and measured~~came up with 35 yds. So, it took 35 yds to get 42.12 sq inches.

Then I did two sets of numbers (I'll just show the figuring I did for the larger set of numbers). For a blanket 60 x 72 I get 4320 sq in. Divide that by 42.12= approx 103. I took that and multiplied by 35 (the number of yds to make the 42.12 sq in) and get 3605 yds. (I ordered 17 skeins of 220 yds each which gives me 3740 yds of yarn.) Then I figured how many yards it would take to get 4 two row stripes from each color.

60 inches wide x 4.16 inches deep= 249.6 sq in
249.6/42.12= approx 5.92
5.92 x 35 yds = need 207 yds per skein.

Each skein is supposed to have 220 yds, so there should be enough to get four 60 inch wide two stripe repeats from each skein.

You guys mind checking my math to see if I'm in the ballpark with this one? I'm cutting it close if I go with the 60 inch wide blanket. I may just work up one whole skein of the yarn to see exactly how many rows I can get out of it.

I don't want to start the actual blanket because all of the yarn isn't here yet, and I want to be able to randomly pull from all of the yarn for each stripe. I don't know how long I'll hold myself to that decision though.

I'm excited to get started, can you tell? ;o)

Edited to add: I did another two row swatch and weighed at the end of the 1st row and had 86 gm of yarn left--this included the foundation chain. At the end of the 2nd 192 stitch row--76 gm left. So right at 10 gm per row. I am so golden!!!! Now I'm considering doing 3 row stripes instead of 2 to make use of more of each skein of yarn.

Ripple Progress

The progress of AJ's "little-boy-first-big-bed" is coming along nicely. I had inherited a bag of yarn, plus bought a few, so for a mixed bag of colors I think it shaping up nicely. It's almost four feet long now, just need to add two feet more and I'm done. I have a baby blanket to start as soon as I'm finished with this--for my first great grand child...
I'm thinking about trying to knit a soft wave in the baby green and baby yellow colors, maybe some white.
This is so much fun--I just love doing it.

Late to the Party # 2!

So, here I am a bit confused with how to figure out how much yardage will be needed for the size afghan or lap-ghan I might need. I read Maryse's answer to Jen but I still have some questions for all of you math wizzes and talented crocheters. :)

I will be using a worsted weight yarn, so if each 2 row repeat took Maryse 40 yards of DK weight yarn, how would I figure out how much worsted the same two rows would take? Maybe I'm missing something here but how do you figure out how many yards you'll need to crochet a ripple, say, for a baby, about 32" wide by 40" long, just for an example?

Since Jan Eaton doesn't give any suggestions for hook size, gauge, etc. there is no 'jumping off point' from which to start a project other than past experience and trial and error. Maryse , you suggested crocheting a swatch, measure it and then frog it, and measure the amount of yarn you used for the square.....please forgive my mind drawing a blank here, but how?

I look forward to all the wonderful advice from the great people on this forum. You crochet such gorgeous ripples in the most magnificient colors, what an inspiration ( as well as 'crochet enablers', LOL) you are.

Cheers, Laura

Rippling the Night Away

Still loving my ripple!!! it's the perfect project for watching hockey!

~*~ Happy Rippling ~*~

Late to the Party

Once again, I am late to a party. After finding the Ripple Along the last week or so and being entranced by all the gorgeous ripples, I knew I had to go ahead with the promise to make my son a blanket/'ghan to take to college with him in the fall. So here I am ready to ripple, but stuck as the yarn is still making its way to me. I'll be using Cascade 220 Superwash. I've ordered 17 colors--one 220 yard skein of each. (Thank goodness for the anniversary sale at Webs--more than half is coming from there.)

I have a few questions before I get started and was wondering if you experienced ripplers could help me out?

  1. I've been practicing the Soft Wave pattern and think I *may* have it down with a little fudging at the end of the row. Has anyone else had trouble with the pattern? I've been away from crocheting for ever so long, so maybe I'm missing something in the pattern~~misreading or the like.
  2. How did you go about planning your ripple? I'm a knitter, so I know about swatching for things like sweaters, socks (yeah, right), etc., but am unsure about the process for a blanket. See, I'd like the ripple to be a minimum of 5 feet wide--wide enough that it will hang off the sides a bit on his twin bed, but he's tall--6'2", so I need a l...o....n...g blanket and am already worrying that 3740 yards isn't enough to give me what I need. How can I figure out approximately how many yards I would need to get the size blanket I want?
  3. Random stripe generator or set pattern?

I'm looking forward to being able to start soon, meanwhile I must be happy to knit. You can check out my blog here.