Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Grass Green

Ripple--Take 5

I added the green onto my blanket and it's looking quite lovely, I'm continually thrilled with this blanket and looking forward to the rust and the orange that are coming up next. I wouldn't mind a nice yellow section, but the Red Heart "Soft" doesn't have any yellow so I'll have to be happy without it. Nothing else to share, really, I just love taking pictures of it.


Well after starting 4 differant ripples I finally found the one I like the best. I am NOT going to rip this one out! I am doing a round ripple in a khaki color and not color changes BUT I am putting in a row of fun fur once in a while (cause I think to much can just get tacky) And I actually LIKE IT! lol. I'll post a picture later. *HUGZ*



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If I had known how addictive this would be, maybe I would have waited to finish the many other projects that I need to finish for friends or family. Oh well, too late now. The ripple has taken over my life. I did almost nothing but ripple yesterday, and here's my progress so far.

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I love this project! Every time I look at it, I can't believe I'm actually creating it.
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Of course, most of the reason it's so lovely is the yarn. I love how the cotton makes each stitch stand out, and this soft waves pattern is truly ingenious. It makes up absolutely the most lovely ripple pattern ever.
Since this is a baby blanket, I'm nearly finished, but I'm actually sad to have to put it away soon and get back to all my other boring ole projects. *sigh* I guess I'll have to make another one...

I'm also really loving all the new ripples that have cropped up in the last few days since I've fallen into my ripple coma. Great job everyone! They're all stunning!

Here's one last picture...

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Hello all!

I've been lurking forever...just enjoying everyone's ripples. Meanwhile, I've managed to finish my very first ripple. I'm not sure how large it is but it would probably fit a twin bed. It was created using the Caron simply soft brites minus a couple of the colors using a G hook, and following the Jan Eaton soft waves pattern.

Of course...it is Kitty approved :)

Ready, steady, go!


my name is Theresia. I joined this KAL a few days ago.

Now I got the yarn I want for this project:
It´s "Schoppel Miro 6fach" a very soft cotton/acrylic blend. I´m so excited!


Here is my progress so far on the Ripple. Happy crafting!