Sunday, July 15, 2007

Treading Water

I'm just treading water, slowly making progress on my ripple afghan. I really wish I could crochet faster- each color (two rows, about 1") takes me about an hour and a half. My goal this weekend was to get past the halfway point- but I didn't quite make it. This blanket is 67 1/2" (171.5cm) wide, so I want it to be at least 70" (177.8cm) long. That is 70 color repeats, and so far I'm at 30. I'm still really enjoying this project- I've gone back and seen pictures from the start and I really have made quite a bit of progress. It's starting to get heavy, too- so far it weighs just over 2 pounds!

The End.

Alas, i have decided to frog my blanket. I never did feel very good about the way it was developing, and now that I am working on three other blankets, I just don't want an ugly one in the mix. It's also so very huge, and it will take forever to finish this blanket that I don't even like.

Perhaps one day I will pick this blanket style up again, but for now it's off to work on Babette for bestfriend's Sept. birthday, Granny Ghan for my bedroom, and some other blanket for my french cousin's 1 year wedding anniversary - any suggestions for that one, by the way? Maybe i'll do a ripple for her? She likes the "heat colours". Loose translation ;)

So, RIP rip ripple.

Ripple blanket: nine stripes