Friday, June 1, 2007

Christmas ripple-first repeat

Yes I did start a Christmas ripple. I plan on making a few for gifts so thought I might need to start now. I scoured the stores for holiday yarn and well....there is none. The lady in the yarn department at Walmart said the holiday yarns come in around September. So I got the multicolor red-white-green on Ebay and bought solid red and green Caron Perfect Match locally.

The red stripe in the photo looks a little orange, but it is not. Will post the finished product.

(Megan: thanks for your encouragement-I mastered the granny ripple pattern!)

Pattern: Granny chevrons #190 (200 Ripple Stitches)

I hook

My ripple along has gone awry. Can anyone help. My pattern is off I want the soft waves but I know this isn't looking right. Now I should probably mention I learned to crochet while watching my son's basketball game. And only after seeing this joining this blog. You have inspired me. My daughter is leaving for college and I am having a maternal breakdown I am not sure what else to call it. so I found this incredibly soft yarn

and matched it to her very happy room and searched to find someone to teach me to crochet. I won't rest until I know that when she is off in that strange country (dorm life) she will have this blanket to wrap her self up in and feel close to home. (Me stomping my foot.) now it's doing something's not me of course... (similar obsession to that pregnancy nesting stuff)

It looks right here....
The clips are the first row.

but definitely not here...


questions questions....

In the current questioning spirit that seems to be with us today I was wondering what is the biggest hook that anyone has used to make a ripple. I am loving my current blanket, but with a 4.5mm hook and dk yarn (as well as 240 chains) I am definitely in it for the long haul. I feel the need for some relatively instant gratification. Also, what is the thickest yarn anyone has gone for? (as a brit, I am a little hazy on the US nomenclature, but I will do my best!).
Thanking you all in advance (and happy June, by the way).