Saturday, December 1, 2007

Bad Ripple Mistress, no cookies for me.

Excuses, heartfelt excuses to you all. I've been negligent. I've been bad. I promise to do better.

However...I do have a finished ripple to show off, so I guess I'm not all that bad...the round ripple is no longer languishing:
And it's even getting a little pre-gifting love:
If I can tear it away from the old dog, it shall be a Christmas giftie for my littlest. Love how it turned out,and the Fantasy Naturale was a treat to work with...truly light and lofty cotton.

Promise to get to the languishing "please let me join the blog" requests asap. Of course asap is sort of not so asap when there are puking small people in the house, but you know, it's on my radar. Keep gently nudging me and I shall catch you all eventually! Thanks for your patience.