Sunday, April 22, 2007

New Here

I have been gazing at this blog for a week now and decided to join! I think I am going to dash out this week (actually have someone drive me) and pick up the copy of the Jan Eaton book, 200 Ripple Stitch Patterns. I have alot of knitpicks shine worsted in lots of bright colors. Has anyone used this yarn for a ripple?

Soft Waves, Take 2

Hey Ripplers! I just joined the blog, but I've been crocheting for a while now. Ripples are one of my favorites; it was also my grandma's favorite too! Ripples are a big part of my family history and I love making them.

I have that book as well, 200 Ripple Stitches, and I happen to be using the Soft Waves ripple for an afghan I am making for a friend of mine. I started it last Tuesday using a size K crochet hook. I'm over halfway done and it hasn't even been a week. I love the pattern because it goes fast, it looks a bit more contemporary, and, best of all, it doesn't use chains! I am using lavender and light blue as my main colors, then lighter and darker shades of blues and purples from my stash. The effect is very calming and I know my friend will love it. I don't have a pic yet, but I'll post as soon as I do!

Just a quick update!

While I finished the first ripple blanket and it is now being enjoyed by my goddaughter. I couldn't help myself, I went and started another one. This time I am going to keep this for me (or my future children)

This time I am using:
- the Soft Waves pattern from 200 Ripple Stitch Patterns.
Yarn: Patons Canadiana and Patons Decor yarn

(These are the colors of my blanket)
and I am using a size H hook.

I am so addicted to Rippling it is not funny. Its to the point where my knitting is suffering. Any way I back to rippling.

I'm New Here and Loving It!

Hi Everyone,
I'm new here on the Ripple Along and looking at your gorgeous afghans in certainly an inspiration, believe me. You do such lovely work and I'm thinking that I'll have to buy Jan Eaton's book to try my hand at some different type ripples.

I posted earlier today but apparently something went 'kaflooey' with my post so I'm giving it one more try and hopefully, this post will take. I would like to crochet a ripple using wool or a wool blend from my stash yarn which is waaay too large. The problem is in choosing a yarn that I have enough of, since I know how much yarn crocheting takes. I would be happy to purchase an acrylic (which I have none of) if I knew what might be very soft and durable, so suggestions are very welcome.
Kudos to all of you for your colorful, lovely crocheted art work! :)


P.S. The picture above is an shell afghan which I just completed for my youngest son and his fiance. I used Rowanspun Chunky Tweed in a beige color so that it would go with anything.


I ripple so much slower than all of you, but I wanted to post a quick update. This is my first ever crochet project and I love it. I used the random stripe generator for the four colors and have been following it religiously.

Peanut butter and grape jelly anyone?

That's what I'm calling this one. The purple looks a lot darker than it is, I think.
I am using Red Heart® Bright & Lofty™ #9956 grape crush & Red Heart® Light & Lofty® #9334 cafe au lait. It'll be a baby/toddler blanket when I'm done.
I'm contemplating on adding some "strawberry jelly" with Heart® Bright & Lofty™ #9945 bikini. What do you think? I can't decide.

A Connecticut Yankee in the Ripple Queen's Court

I am Judy, one of the slew of newbies who joined today. I had been holding off joining until after we got back from Spring Break. Friday night I raided the basement, where I have a voluminous supply of cheap yarn leftover from various projects. I collected, sorted, and came up with this rainbow of colors. The variegated MC yarn is Bernat Nice N' Soft "Flower Power." The remainder is a collection of various worsted-weight acrylics, mostly Red Heart, TMA, and Caron. I did "have" to buy a couple more colors, but, otherwise, I'm using stash. My three year old is acting as my Random Color Selector, and he's been having fun lining up the yarn on the living room floor. I'm using a "J" hook, and the "Ocean Waves" pattern from "7-Day Afghans" by Jean Leinhauser & Rita Weiss.

While I'm a blogger newbie, I've rippled before. This is the afghan on my living room sofa (note that the picture has been compromised by a napping cat).

I was also already working on another ripple, from Carole Prior's "A Year of Baby Afghans." I quite often use worsted-weight baby afghan patterns in adult colors to gift as laphans. This one is for my sister, out of yarn she threw at me after an attempt to knit a sweater out of it. I'm having trouble with the exposure--the colors are dark teal and burgundy.

Yet another Caron Brites

Here is my update on my Ripples...yes, I am making three!!
I have begun a pink/rose/grey one for my youngest daughter who is getting married this August and another for daughter number one ( that can be seen on my blog) & also a Caron Simply Soft Brites one for myself! I just could not resist the *Brites* one after I saw a few on this Ripple-along.
They are growing slowly ( although, if I were only doing one it would be growing at a faster pace).
Having a great time and loving checking in here every day to see everyone's progress.
P.S. that is not a mistake on the Brites, just the way the 'ghan is tossed on the floor leaving a lump!

By way of introduction... name is Molly. I live in Canoga Park, CA and I have just joined the "Ripple Along". I wasn't going to make a ripple afghan or join, for that matter. That is not until I saw the work-in-progress of Oiyi and her Caron Simply Soft Brites ripple. I knew I was done for. So with a nod to her lovely creation, here is the start of mine. I began working on it yesterday and this is what I have accomplished. I started with a chain of 300 and a size H hook. I am using the Wavy Chevrons pattern on page 70 from The Crochet Stitch Bible. I wanted a blanket that would sit at the end of my Queen-size bed and offer a bright accent to a room decorated in whites and off-whites. Well, this sucker hangs over the sides by about a foot on each side! No matter. I can always up-grade to a King.

The things we do for (ripple) love.

Retirement Ripple

I've started another ripple for a friend who's retiring. It's the Shades of Coral Ripple from the 200 ripple stitch patterns book by Jan Eaton. I'm using Caron Simply Soft in an 8 row pattern repeat of 2 rows Dark Sage, 1 row Sage, 2 rows Off White, 1 row Sage, and 2 rows Dark Sage. So far only 1 repeat is done.

baby ripples

I'm so excited to be on here! :) Finding this blog inspired me to pick up a ripple that i haven't touched for a little over two years (since my daughter was born). I started it for my DH, and he'd been nagging me about it for about a year now, but i just wasn't feeling it. It was just so big already, and not a very convenient project with a small attention-greedy child attached to my knees ;p But i've been consistently working on it since then so it should be done for him by this winter.

I was also inspired by the soft waves, and having baby blankets due, started one in blues for a friend of mine. Here it is, in progress, and the lovely model checking it out is the older brother of the intended recipient. :) That blanket is now done, and i started on a gender neutral, but still bright and happy, baby blanket inspired by michelle's beautiful afghan.

This is my daughter Molly, the attention-greedy little child i mentioned earlier! She had to help me model the done blanket :p And here is her friend Amelia, who "helped" me crochet on the new blanket for a while last night. :D Sorry for the slightly wonky text and pictures, it's looking completely different in the work area and the preview. More updates to come soon as I start ripples for Molly and Amelia!

New Rippler Here!!!!!

Hi guys!! I love this blanket and plan on starting very soon. I did have a question about the yarn choice. Will Caron's simply soft be good for this blanket? I bought the 200 Ripple Stitch Patterns by Jan Eaton, so I am REALLY trying to narrow it down. THanks for any info you guys can provide. I have only crochet two blankets in my life lol, and it was just single crochet, so I am going to relearn to do this blanket!!!

I can't wait to start!!!