Monday, October 22, 2007

Storm Clouds update

I am working specifically on this as I want to finish it by this weekend. This was as of the 20th (Sat). It is a wedding gift for a friend's dd. She is getting married mid-November, so I want to mail it out next week latest.

It is about 2/3 done at this point. TFL!

*clickable pic*

Back in black...and grey

Wanted to update everyone on the progress of my ripple. I'm still without a photo, but I'm working like a maniac on the hubby's ripple. It's all done in black and grey, double crochet, working in the back of each stitch (not sure what to call it, but I know it's not the back of the post) to create texture and to ensure that I can easily work while watching TV and not have to count. I said it before in my comments, and it bears repeating, it's like crocheting in Pleasantville. I'm seriously waiting for Reece Witherspoon to come along!

The reason I'm working so frantically is that we got news the hubby would be having total knee replacement surgery in the next couple of weeks. He'd love to have it to curl up with when he gets home from the hospital. So, it's gained at least a foot in the last couple of days. I'm almost to 4 feet and I'm trying to get to 6, possibly 7 feet. We'll see how long the grey yarn holds out. I usually work with Red Heart and buy stuff that has no dye lot. But this grey does. So I bought Wal-Mart out of the grey in the dye lot I needed. Anyway, check back here for frequent updates. And hopefully a pic! And I'm so inspired by Leah's log cabin that I may try that one next. Leah, what do you say to a Log Cabin Along Blog?