Monday, April 23, 2007

The Ripple, She is Slow

Jumping on the wave pattern bandwagon, I've been rippling for almost a month, yet it seems like I haven't done much at all. Only 11 colors so far (2 rows per color). I can partially blame the slow progress on how naive I was when I tried to determine how much yarn I would need to make a queen-size blanket. I now have another huge bag of yarn and can finally continue on my way. I'm using Knit Picks shine worsted yarn, which is a cotton/modal blend and is machine washable. Except for the two first rows, which I'm intending to always stick on the end of the bed that you don't really see.

My sister-in-law, Leah - also a rippler here - got me started on the ripple-along. She agreed that the dips in the waves are the best parts. It's just more fun than the rest of the pattern, and I look forward to them. But maybe she was just humoring me...

When I am not rippling, I am cooking, and you can check out those disasters at my blog.

Mind if i join you?

Hello everyone, thanks for letting me join the madness *smile* My name is Stacey and I have a rippling problem. This is my blanket at about 7 or 8 days. This is all stash yarn. I also spin so there is a lot of my own hand dyed, hand spun yarn in there. What a fun project and a great way to use up those little skeins of yarn.

I'm not a big fan of bright colors so I didn't have anything like that in my stash, and since I want this to be a totally stash project my ripple is more earth tone than rainbow colored. I love watching every one's progress and I can't wait to see all the finished ripples. I'm using a pattern out of the harmony guides 300 Crochet Stitches. I've already spied out a couple of patterns for my next ripples, this thing is addictive!

I've cross posted to my blog if you'd like to learn more about me.

Ripple Introduction

Hello, my name is Kelly and I thought I'd post a "hello, my name is..." post as I've been lurking for awhile. I've made a ripple afghan before, double stranded with a large hook, but when I saw all the ripples going around the blog community, I wasn't able to hold out very long.

I learned to crochet a few years ago from a dear friend who gifted me with a beautiful multi colored ripple all done in single crochet. Two years ago I learned how to knit and have been very focused on that as it aggravates my carpel tunnel much less than crochet does. Getting back onto the crochet horse was easier than expected and I've greatly enjoyed working on this project.

Project specs: 12 stitch repeat ripple pattern from a stitch dictionary (from what I can tell it's nearly identical to the Soft Waves pattern); Red Heart "Soft" in 12 colors organized in a rainbow way with two shades of each color; H hook; 255 stitches wide or 7 feet (a good foot wider than I was planning)

More pictures and info on my blog:

I've really enjoyed watching everyone's projects!

Thread Ripples (And Update)

I started wondering yesterday afternoon what rippled thread crochet would look like. So, I sat down during Amazing Race last night, and voila! I have a rippled bookmark. I'm trying to decide whether it needs a touch of narrow ribbon through the center two DC rows. This is #10 thread with a size 4 hook.

I've also made some progress with my ripple. It's amazing to watch it grow, and see how it changes as I add a new color. I chose the colors based on a strand of the Flower Power and, of course, that even looked different once it was crocheted in the pattern. But, it all seems to be flowing together now.

New ... Carissa

Thanks for having me!!! I was so excited when I found you guys! I had made a ripple lapghan about 6 years ago and when I saw all your's ... well, I knew that I had to do another one!

Here's mine from 6 years ago ... made from Paton's Canadiana ... the white stripes have a little bit of sparkle in them, I don't think they're showing up in the picture :(

Now the one that I'm working on now. I had the full collection of KnitPicks Palette yarn for a sweater that I was going to knit .. but I fell out of love with the sweater ... it's perfect for this blanket though!!! Yeah :) Here's where I am!

I'm really enjoying watching all your ripples grow!!!

~*~ Happy Rippling ~*~

Spirit Blooms -

ellow peeps

Ellow. I've been rippling for a while now. Making a matching pair of blankets for my daughters beds. I have made the width of this really short, and shall be bordering it, so the trail down the side of the bed flows down (if that makes sence lol)
Hopefully once these are both done i shall be doing a matching one in blue for my son.
In uk doubleknit is the easiest wool to get hold of so thats what this is :)

Everybodies ripples are beautiful and a inspiration :)

Can Ripples Be Square?

Another new rippler here! I started rippling this afghan a few weeks ago as a relaxing break in between more complicated projects. All of the wonderful color combinations I saw on this blog really inspired me to pick up my crochet hook and go at it!

Instead of buying new yarn for the project, some stash-digging revealed a number of half-used balls in blues and greens. Each yarn has a story to tell and reminds me of its original use as I crochet with it. Talk about yarn memory!

So here I am, almost 3 feet into my project and about to run out of odd-balls. Eek! As I see it, I have two solutions: (1) make a small square afghan [3.3’ x 3.3’] to serve as a lap blanket or (2) put the project aside until I use up more blue and green from my regular stash. For option 1, I risk having a too-small afghan; though I am afraid that option 2 will give me a disjoint from color repeats. Suggestions?

Yet another Caron Simply Soft Brites.....

Well I figured out my mistake from my last post.. that will teach me to read a new pattern at night. But I got it figured out! And now have frogged what I started working on.. and started again. I'm now back to where I was before frogging and have added a little bit.

This will be a baby blanket. As I have a horrible problem with starting something so large and then loosing interest. So far it will be part of my stock. A local store owner here in town is re organizing her store and will rent out sections of it. So I may have possible store space where I can sell my creations. I'm so excited about it!!! So this will be something that I'll have up in the shop once it gets going.

I'm also using the Caron Simply Soft. Some BRITES colors and some are not. Colors I'll be using are as follows... Blue Mint *bottom color* Lime Light *2nd color* Iris *3rd* Lemonade *the yellow* Rubine Red, Mango, Grape and Watermelon. And those are also the order in which the colors will go. My husband Chris was my random stripe generator last night. I'm using the Granny Chevron's pattern ( # 190, page 115 ) in Jan Eaton's book, 200 ripple stitches.

I think the pattern is easy enough and the colors bright enough that I should not get bored with this. However I will be starting a new job tomorrow, so hookin time will be limited. But I don't think this one should take too long.. Plus I should have lots of yarn left over for another blanket in this yarn. I may do a regular granny with the leftovers.

**edit to include** Forgot to say that I'm using a G (6/4.25 mm) hook. I really like how the stitches look with this size hook.

Yarn help....

I have my patterns picked....I am going to do the soft waves on page 19 of Jan Eaton's book and storm clouds on page 47. How do I know how much yarn I need? I want to go and get this today, so any help would be greatly appreciated. On the soft waves It just says 12+3 and on storm clouds it says 17+3. Both of these will be adult size blankets.

THanks for any help!

Yarn help....

I have my patterns picked....I am going to do the soft waves on page 19 of Jan Eaton's book and storm clouds on page 47. How do I know how much yarn I need? I want to go and get this today, so any help would be greatly appreciated. On the soft waves It just says 12+3 and on storm clouds it says 17+3. Both of these will be adult size blankets.

THanks for any help!

Another Intro

Hello everyone! I was in the slew of newbies that joined up this past week. I have made a couple ripple projects before, but I was inspired by the modern color combos and the soft, ripply stripes that seem to be "in" in the blogosphere right now.

I made my first ripple 'ghan for my brother for Christmas in teenage-friendly black/white/grey. I used a double strand of Caron Simply Soft acrylic and a Q-hook.

I also made a ripple shawl for charity last year in Red Heart "Soft" but didn't take a picture. I used this pattern from Lion Brand.

I loved the soft waves in the shawl, so I am using that pattern again. Only I made the foundation chain bigger for a 'ghan sized project. I sorted through my (enomous) stash this weekend to see what I could use. I've only done a few rows so far, but I am looking forward to continuing this relaxing project.

Thanks for letting me join!

Mistake in the pattern?

For those of you who have Jan's book 200 stitches... could you do me a favor.

On page 115, pattern # 190 Granny Chevrons. I think there is a problem with the pattern. I started using it last night on my BRITES ripple. I love how calming doing granny's can be.. and a granny style ripple is even better! There's just something about 3 dc groups!!

On row 2: your doing a 3 dc group in one sc... then skipping 2 sc. My problem is right before the first star thing used to mark where you should repeat. 3dc ch3 3dc in next. But if I'm reading the pattern correct... there would be no 2 sc space. Perhaps I am just reading it wrong... but could you all take a quick look at the pattern and let me know what you think.

The picture at top shows that there is a 2 sc space before and after the peak. When I started mine last night thoe, I chained 115 +2. I split up the 2 sc space after the peak and put one before and one after. However I did not end where the pattern says I should. I was at the end of a decrease.

Thanks to everyone to looks.

Pattern Question

My ripple pattern says multiples of 12 stitches plus 3. Does that mean multiples of 15, or multiples of 12 plus 3 at the very end of the chain?