Sunday, February 28, 2010

What to do when the ripple goes straight

Hello and thanks for letting me join!

I am desperate to make my first Ripple blanket but have hit a problem with the lack of rippling of the first row.

I have made the mistake of retaining in my little head a tip about making your foundation chain. I think it said 'use a smaller hook than the main pattern' but fear now I may have made that up. Is that a real hint? So, my incredibly long foundation chain was quite a wiggle to get the hook into for the first row but I persevered.
It was rippling on the first, green row.
However, subsequent rows has made it straighten out, and the latter rows to bump up most unbecomingly.

I have never seen a Ripple anywhere that has bumps and ridges in like mine. They cannot be flattened so my too tight green row is effectively gathering them.
It is far too long anyway, taking a ball of wool a row so I am right aren't I in calling it a day and starting again?
Just thought I'd ask before I pull the whole lot.
Hope someone can tell me if my theory is the problem.
Many thanks and nice to 'meet' you all!