Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Camo Round Ripple

Hi All!
I've been following this blog for quite a while and finally decided to take the plunge. This round ripple is for my youngest son. It's not done yet, he wants it big. I thought about redoing the center as it's a bit loose, but I've decided it's ok as is...does that make me lazy? LOL. Anyway, I love everyone's ripples...What great inspiration!!

New Rippler

I kept coming back to this site just to drool and then finally decided that I must have a blanket for my very own. Here's a photo of the blanket as of this afternoon (the fuchsia edge is the working edge). I'm using a bunch of worsted weight wools and acrylics and I think I may need a few more colors, but then I'm just going to repeat colors until I run out of yarn. The one stripe I'm not a fan of is the deep green in the middle. I used a chunky weight acrylic thinking it wouldn't really matter and it just looks so bulky. I didn't have the heart to rip it out, though.

I love ripples! I want to make a dozen of these blankets. I will, when I have enough money. It's summer and hot, but I can't wait for the temperatures to fall again so I can cuddle under this growing beast.

Also, feel free to check out my fairly new blog:

Happy rippling!



Ripple is growing. I just laid out my first ripple to measure it and discovered it's growing. Very slightly but it is growing. The row I just finished is almost 2 inches longer then my first row. It's turning into a strange non rectangular shape. It's not very obvious unless you really get it laid out that's whay I hadn't noticed. I'm going to take it apart and start all over. I'm so sad!! I don't want to make the same error again. Any idea what I'm doing wrong? I thought I had that darn soft waves figured out. I can't believe I have to take it apart..

I've STARTED! Finally!

I think the pattern is #179 from Jan Eaton's book (Old Shale), but the link to the post with photo is here. I started because it's one of the most meditative knits I know, and I needed the calming influence. The colors work in my living room beautifully - and this will be throw-sized, not bed-sized!

Ripple Cushion Finished

It's done and I'm in love with it! What do you think of the pompoms!! I adore them and was so pleased with myself finding a way to use up those remnants of wool that were left after finishing the cushion.

And this is the back. Because I ended up making the ripple a bit too long, I overlapped it on the back as a flap, closed with buttons. Blogged in more detail here -

DONE :-)

...with my first ripple so far. I'm more than satisfied with this one. I was in a 'party-mood' all day after finishing this :-).

  • It measures 140 cm X 160 cm
  • Yarn used: 'Bali' from GGH - a soft cotton/acrylic blend, about 18 balls
  • Needle used: nr. 3½ or E
This will NOT be the last one. I think I've got a new habit - a good one :-).
But I already miss making the blanket...and the cure must be to make a new one.
So that's what I do. I have found/bought the yarn - the colors are a bit different than these ones:

I love them! This yarn is thinner than I'm used to - so I will have to use a small needle. But it's ok. I will make use the pattern called 'soft waves' from the Jan Eaton book. And I will start today :-).

Have a nice day.
Gitte B