Monday, March 12, 2007

Sentimental Crochet Hooks

I began my ripple with my special crochet hook from my Grandma Eva, found it felt weird to hold, switched to a steel size E, but have tonight returned to the old hook. I just love it so much, and am going to try to get used to the feel. I posted pictures of these hooks on my blog. Does anyone else have a special hook they're working with? I know someone did mention also using one from their grandma. Anyway, it's nice to think that my Bubbe is rippling along with me. I'm sure she would have enjoyed this!

Hey y'all, from Down Under

I'm a South Carolinian (a Charleston girl) living in Sydney, Australia, so it's great to see how many people from all over are a part of this thang.

I got to start my ripple blanket on Friday night and so as of day 4 I've got this far:(Sorry about the pic, it was dark when I took the pic and I was wanting to get this put up here! I'll take more pics in daylight.)

I'm working with Filatura di Crosa Zara, and it's absolutely delicious. It so rocks to work at a yarn store! The colours are just singing "tiptoe through the tulips"! I'm using a 5.00mm, size H. I haven't even got to the spring green and cream, and I'm just so excited about it. If it wasn't so darn relaxing to do, I'd be dancing around the house with it. I'm also going to be trying to post about it on my blog, but I'm a bit lazy about it.
I was going to post about how this little boy of mine spilt cranberry juice all over my rippler on Saturday night and I missed a whole day and a half of rippling while waiting for it to dry after rinsing it. But then he broke his arm yesterday and has spent the whole day cosied under it watching cartoons. No, it's not finished yet and there is a live loop in there somewhere which is probably unravelling, but I can't say no to him, poor little love.

back from maine, warm again

no end in sight...

pikachu and the gang approve!

Hello! I have missed posting pictures, but have worked pretty steadily on the blankie. I fixed some abnormalities with the ending edge, and am thinking about doing some sort of edging around the whole thing after it's done, just to pull everything together. what are you all doing about the edges?
Enjoy the photos!

So far

So far I have 20 stripes done on my ripple afghan. Here it is:

1 week of rippling - ripple afghan

What do you think?

I only have a few new colors to introduce, then you and I will see more of the same. Already there are doubles of some colors - those balls of yarn that I had purchased 2 balls instead of 1 (1 ball = 3 stripes, 2 balls = 6 stripes). I think it will give the eye something to rest on. Most of the doubled colors are the palest of each group of colors pink through red, blues, greens, yellows, but I have 4 colors of orange into brown and white into tan, so I didn’t double up there. I chose the red to double instead of the pink, because I like red.

I went up to a bigger crochet hook (5/F) and it is working much better as the hook on the 4/E was too small with the yarn being so splity. I am still getting the same gauge so that is really good too.

Susan / ZenKnit

Kati likes it...

Kati is visiting right now and has declared her blanket to be "pretty". Whew. Makes a gran's heart glad. I measured last night and have completed 33½" of roughly 80". I keep thinking of Easter baskets and bunnies as I crochet with these colors. The lavender should be perfect in her little girl bedroom.

New to the ripple obsession

There it is... my very first successful ripple. And I'm actually quite happy with how it turned how considering I made it late at night after a long LONG day.