Friday, April 27, 2007

Five down, Four to go!

I just finished the last color of the fifth repeat (these pics were taken earlier in the day, it was so pretty today in Dallas).

My little sisters are spending the weekend with us, so I got my sis that is 11 to hold it so that I could get a total shot.

I'm still thinking I should do nine, but I will need to measure when it hits eight repeats. There is quite a bit of stretch and the heavier it gets the bigger it gets:) So will see.
I feel like I am getting crocheters elbow and wrist, I so don't want to poop out but it does make me realise why I switched to knitting more often than crochet. Anyways here are a few new pics, sorry to bore everyone with the same ripple just

Love seeing everyones ripple!

In the interest of sharing...

While I don't have much progress on my blanket to show (you can see an updated picture on my blog)--I thought I would share my newest craft/tech acquisition for those ripple fanatics who find themselves in situations where there isn't enough light to crochet:

A hook a Skywalker would envy What will they think of next?

This handy gadget is the The Crochet Lite by Clover in hook size H (all the sizes are different colors). I was looking to get a Clover comfort grip as sometimes my thin metal hook aches my hand--but then I found a whole page of these in a rainbow of colors and couldn't resist. It lights up well enough to stitch in the dark, though I find it best in dim light as it's almost too bright in the pitch dark and hurts my eyes! I'm not entirely fond of plastic hooks, I feel they slow my stitching down and this one is no different. So I'll alternate between this and my trusted metal hook depending on lighting conditions and how my hand is feeling. Too fun, I had to share!

Progress is Slow

Getting started:

Making some progress (with flash, excuse the shine):I'd like the finished size of this 'ghan to be about twin bed sized. My intention is to have it folded at the end of my DS's bed... when he upgrades to a "big boy bed." Since he's only 8mo I have plenty of time. LOL I started using a super low tech "random color generator"... scraps of paper with the colors written on them.

I'm not sure about the colors... I feel like I need some pink or orange in there but not sure if that will make it look too girly. Thoughts?

Pattern: Based on this pattern

Yarn: Mostly Red Heart Soft and some other scraps of softer acrylic

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rippled graffiti

Hi, I'm new here :) I'm a quite experienced (at least for my age I guess?) crocheter from Stockholm, Sweden. I've been admiring all of your lovely ripples since the start of this CAL. The last couple of weeks I've even made a few swatches myself. I love the ripple crochet. It's so pretty - yet easy to make. I also find ripples more amusing and variated to crochet than ordinary stripes.

I'm deeply impressed by your strive and patience - and by the beautiful results (afghans and other). However, I don't have that much yarn, and definitely not that much patience. So at the moment I will keep on crocheting my "swatches". They might not be big enough to cover a whole bed or to warm up cold legs and feet.

But they're more than enough for lamp posts, fences, and hand rails feeling naked or cold. Which comes in handy since I'm a member of the Masquerade crew (Swedish fans of Knitta). We already put up our first rippled tag:
(Slussen, Stockholm, Sweden)
My favourite pattern and colours on my favourite spot :) Look, it even matches the old blue metro! Now if there were only the old green trains as well...

Look for more yarn graffiti ripples in the streets of Stockholm. If you don't live nearby you can take a look at our blog or here at this lovely crochet along.

Thanks for having me here, this CAL will inspire me even more when I get to take part of it :)