Saturday, May 5, 2007

the end of the ugly ripple

Woohoo! It's done. I'm out of yarn and not a minute too soon. I'm SO ready for a pretty ripple. (Well I have to admit - it's not nearly as ugly as I thought it would be...)

Now I'm ready to make some yarn choices. What yarn are you all using?
I'd love something soft but not too pricey.

I call it a ripple :-)

Okay, my blanket got too big to be moved around (it's 90" x 30" now -ooo, that means I'm 1/3 done!), so it is staying in my office, and I needed a kitchen project. I had seen a project done from the book One Skein (the round bag, done by Knitterly Things) so I got the book. On paging through this just jumped out and grabbed me, and I had just bought a skein of Patons SWS 'cause I just love the colors, and now I have Ripple-y Serendipity

It's all your fault!

Hello, my name is Carina and I blame each and everyone of you for making me absolutely obsessed with this here ripple thing. Just so you know! But I must also thank you, because I think seeing all these wonderful ripples is what finally made me learn to crochet. I have been trying for a-g-e-s! But then about 2 months ago, on one of many attempts, something finally clicked and I could do it!

Last Friday I finally got my hands on some proper yarn (until then I'd been using tapestry wool) and got started on my ripple blanket. It's the Soft Wave pattern, I'm using seven colours of Artic wool (from Danish brand Grønhøj Garn) on an Aero hook 4. I work the same sequence of colours, but to break it up a bit, I started with to rows in one colour, the next two rows are two different colours. So a full repeat of this makes 28 rows.

I don't know if anyone else experiences this, but I go from not liking a certain colour so much to thinking it's what makes the whole thing come together. At other times I don't like any of the colours at all, and at others again, I love it all to bits! Isn't that funny?

This is a scarf I'm also working on (plus it was my practice ripple!), for this I'm using different bits of tapestry wool. I was really happy that I practised the ripple first, being a newbie crocheter and all, because then it felt familiar when it came to starting the blanket. So I really recommend that for any other newbies! :-)

My first ripple

This is every shade of purple I could find in Caron SS. Even though the top one looks like blue, it is "Iris" (almost blue to me). I was going to go with wide stripes of 6 rows and only 2 colors, as you can see from the beginning but changed plans midstream and got carried away. I couldn't bear to rip it out (again). So I will put a matching 6 rows at the end.

Pattern: #169 Malibu (200 Ripple Stitch Patterns)

Caron SS and H hook.

To the exclusion of nearly everything else...

I have been rippling for about 3 weeks now. Nearly everything else including housework on my needles/hooks has taken a back seat to this.No matter. The weather will soon become too hot to work on this unless I find a friend with a walk-in cooler...