Friday, July 6, 2007

Finished Great Grandbaby's Baby-ghan

I wasn't expecting my first great grand baby to be born until July. The little guy came two weeks early and I was furiously rippling up until Monday night, July 1st.
I got it mailed and now I'm suddenly at a loss with my time at front of the TV, that is. (Actually, not for long, I've decided on my next colors, but not the style).
The blanket turned out to be 48"X48". Very soft. Since it has been a while since I started it, I used a G hook on LionBrand Yarn-Baby Soft. I decided not to edge it after all. I liked the scalloped edges the way they were. It washed up nicely. I really enjoyed working on it.

Gentle Waves round afghan

I have been working on this round afghan for the last month. Along with 2 baby afghans I have finished. I have 2 colors left and 8 rows to do. Takes forever to do a row now. I really wish I would be done already. I found this pattern at Mik knits & crochets, Too! Thanks. It was a fun pattern to do. Didn't measure it but it is on a queen bed.