Tuesday, July 24, 2007


My BF and I went to a GIGANTIC car show this past weekend. There were over 20,000 people there, all of them VW and Audi enthusiasts. On Sunday, we parked in the exhibition area, where people can show off their cars for an extra $10 and get to park a bit closer to all the action. This is what I found two cars down from where we parked. A big happy brown ripple. I got all excited and just had to have a picture. Hurrah!

haven't posted in while

i started a soft waves ripple for my son awhile ago. i swear i have crochet ADD. i start and dont finsh thi ngs. i started making tons of other things for everyone else. figured my 6yr wont care. so now i'm back w/new ripple. this one i will finish. its for my moms friends baby. i'm using this patternCoats & Clark - Fun & Free - Ripple Romance Afghani'm a bit more into it now, but haven't taken pix yet. i'm using lionbrand pound of love in white and yellow. they dont know sex of baby so made it a bit harder for color choices. and i believe i'm using k hook.

yellow isn't that bright in RL. dunno why it looks like that