Sunday, January 20, 2008


Fin.It's been ages since I posted last, and now I've finished my ripple. With five balls of yarn left in my grab-bag, I just couldn't go any further. I joined one ball, ripped, joined another. Until I just had to listen to the blanket. It was done. I did a two-round edging of single crochet in teal, and it feels amazing to be finished!

I started the blanket in February of last year, so it took nearly eleven months to complete (with lots of idle time). I don't know the exact dimensions; it's just wider than than a double bed, and long enough to cover me comfortably from shoulders to feet. It's soft and warm.

I used all odd balls from my stash, and forced myself to use whichever ball my hand touched first when it was time to change colours. I learned a lot about my colour preferences (notice the greys, blues, and wine/purples).

I have a ton of small yarn balls leftover now, along with the odd balls I didn't end up using. I'm sure by next week, or so, I'll be back making granny squares like the wind!

Thanks so much to Dawn and everyone for such a fun, satisfying CAL!