Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Chunky Bobbly Happiness

Here's a more arteestic photo*, suggesting associations between the blue ripples and the blue sky, forming a backdrop for the creamy bobbles and the creamy-rich scent of grapefruit blossoms.

*original entry and closeup photo is below.

Every time I passed this tree I realized it reminded me of these bobbles and the towel is going to bring the same springtime spirit into my kitchen.


Hi ripply folks, here's my thirsty cotton accessory for the espresso machine that my husband gave me for my birthday. Espresso making requires a lot of wiping and soaking up and buffing. This single crochet-based ripple towel is up for the job.

I shopped for ripple patterns in Jean Leinhauser's 101 Ripple Stitches to Knit and Crochet (1997). There are plenty more in that book that I want to try after I finish this one.

Today I put a Ripple-Along button on my blog and I managed to make it show up, but I don't know how to make it clickable. Can anyone help me with that part?

Just can't get enough-

Okay, so my real ripple blanket is getting to big for me to work on on-the-go, and too hot to work under during the day. I've added several rows but decided that I'm going to update that one weekly, so you will all just have to wait ;-)

I started a second blanket because I needed a travel project and because I've been itching to do something with this "Crazy daisy" yarn that I picked up on clearance and because I wanted to see how the ripple pattern turns out with a textured yarn. . . and yeah I have zero attention span.

I decided to make a doll blanket for my niece, but I'm really liking how this is turning out so I might just keep it.

I'm using 3 colors of crazy daisy and alternating them with two colors of cotton tots. I like the color combo and the cotton gives it stability and makes the fussy crazy daisy easier to work with. I'm only doing single rows of each and I think it has a nice chenille texture.

Another Free Pattern

Several people asked which pattern I was using. I found this one on the internet and liked the way it looked, plus it was very easy to learn!

Not much progress

Just as I started on my ripple throw my toddler started to cut her last two back teeth so I've not really done much in the last week or so. My lap and hands are taken up by cuddling and reading stories most of the time, not wielding wool and a hook, but I have managed to do a few rows:

I think it is going to be a very dark throw although I haven't started a cream stripe yet so a few more of those, plus the lemon, may lighten it up as I go along. I've also opted to weave in my ends as I go to save myself one less boring job at the end, as I know I won't want to be faced with all that when I finish the throw.

my ripples are limping along...

I'm happy with the way my ripples look but this is the largest crochet project I've ever attempted so my progress seems slow. I'm averaging 1-2 ripples per day so I think I'll be rippling for a month or two. But I am happy with the look of it so far and I love looking at everyone else's creations as well. I also like reading about what kind of yarn people chose for this. I'm using superwash dk wools - Debbie Bliss Merino dk, Rowan Pure Wool dk and Jaeger Matchmaker dk. I think my next ripple blanket is going to be in the much more value priced Caron Simply Soft Brites because I am in love with Oiyi's ripple blanket :-)
Take care,

another newbie

Hi there - I just started mine yesterday, after ripping out only once, I settled on a bit of a chevron, although I like the soft wave style better.

My mum gave me a big bag of baby yarns which I didn't know what to do with, so I have started a baby blanket which I'll give the the charity gift shop at the Children's Hospital. Here's one day's progress:

I have no idea where my colours are going and what type of pattern will emerge.

I was hesitant to start because I had stashed so well, I wasn't sure where all my little bits were, but isn't it funny that when you start looking, they seem to pop up all over the place?

Chocolate & Turquoise

I've been coerced into making an afghan for my teenage niece. My mother told said niece after she commented on how she wanted a blanket at the end of her bed like Grammie has because her feet get cold too that Auntie Jill loves to knit and maybe she'll make you a blanket for your bed. The next time my niece saw my Mum she said to her "I can't wait to get my blanket from Auntie Jill, I'm so excited!" And the requested colors were chocolate brown and turquoise. So, here I am in the Ripple A Long. I moaned and b*tched about having to drop everything and make this blanket but was so inspired by all of the ripple afghans I have seen over the last couple of weeks, I couldn't help but crochet one as well. You are evil temptresses and are probably in collusion with my mother!

I have to admit that it's nice to crochet and I haven't done any serious crocheting in a few years. I'm using Encore yarn in the worsted weight mainly because it's machine wash and dry and it's what I use when making things for my nieces and little siblings.

Progress so far...

Keep the inspiration coming, I need the motivation to continue to work on this!

new girl in town

hey there!
thought i should introduce myself
I'm the new girl
Here are my ripples so far:

You can check my ripples here, and i'll post here as well from now on!

Bye now!!

Greetings from DC

My hands are claws. I'm running out of color options. And I just can't stop rippling.

Here we are after day 1:

And a day or two later:

And finally last night:

I've used a boatload of Red Heart, one stripe of worsted weight cotton, some Lamb's Pride wool, and that last purple stripe on the left is a big fluffy boucle that was a pain to ripple with but which I love the feel of.
It's 300 stitches across, and each stripe takes about an hour. But it's now big enough to fit over me! It's keeping me warm ... woo-hoo!
I've been trying to make sure that each stripe fits, colorwise, with the one before. I've found that trying to plan the colors is impossible. The color I think I'm going to use next inevitably gets put aside for some other inspiration that hits at the last minute.
I love the ripple. And I love seeing everyone else's ripples! I still think everybody else has better colors than me.