Thursday, November 22, 2007

the ripple scarf - extended!

I finally admitted to myself that the grey ripple scarf was too short and i wasn't going to enjoy wearing it, so after some counting of waves and rows and weighing of leftover wool and some calculations I came to the conclusion that I could add 5 more waves in the opposite colours! Of course I never wrote down what size hook I used for the base chain and rest of scarf so I had to try out a few different sizes, it didn't help that i lent some of my hooks to friends who are starting on the granny squares! is it just me or is the 1st row into the chain a real pain!? in the end i got satisfactory gauge and from there it was a doddle. the seaming isn't perfect, but the way I wear the scarf you can't see the seam, you just see the pink end peeking out from underneath the grey and i have to say i love it! I even got a few compliments on it!