Wednesday, May 2, 2007

And Now With More Pictures

finally, finished. and with pictures.

ripple blanket
started: march 1, 2007
finished: april 30, 2007

the blanket is approximately 60 inches square. a good 1/3 too short. according to my calculations, i was going for a 60 x 80 inches. but i ran out of yarn. see, the yarn skein labels lied. of those i weighed, i came up 15-20% short. i'm not going to name the yarn company because i didn't weigh every skein i had and i'm not 100% positive that my calculations were accurate ... but i was always a good student in math. just sayin'.

i know some of you are still lovin' the rippling, but i'm glad it's finished.

ripple blanket

may 2, 2007

The Resistance Afghan mark two.

Here's the new ripple afghan. This one is in cotton double knitting yarn. It's for my daughter so I'm going for a much more feminine colour range.

This ol' rug of mine

Hi, I've been reading this blog for a while, thanks for the invitation to join. I've been enjoying looking at all your wonderfiul projects, it's so refreshing to find a like-minded community, the only other person I know who enjoys making blankets is my mother. She knits, I crochet.

I have been making mohair blankets over the last 2 Winters and have dusted off the hook as Autumn sets in and re-commenced my latest project.

I wanted this to be in varying shades of Navy with bright accents zooming in from the sides. I'm not altogether sure that this is what I have achieved, but it is still pretty. It is crocheted in many different mohair yarns, some have a lurex thread for sparkle, on a 7mm hook. When finished it will be bed length.

I like randomness in my work. Other blankets I have made have been in random shades of (usually ) one basic colour. I'll post photos at some stage. Meanwhile I have a blanket on flickr if anyone is interested in looking at it:

I made this as a gift for my mother-in-law for her 75th birthday last year. She likes things to be more ordered than I do so I ensured that her stripes go all the way across from one side to the other!



Hey guys, sorry I haven't updated in ages.

I fell off a horse and broke my leg last week, spent 5 days in hospital, and have since been banished to the downstairs bedroom, away from my ghan. I'm going through withdrawals. Technically, I could just ask someone to run upstairs and grab all my yarn and my ghan and my hook, but I kind of feel like i'm asking so much of them already that... It may be a little much. I dunno.

The ripplage will continue though. I only have about a foot left to do on my big one.

In the week before I broke my leg, I did a baby ripple ghan for my boyfriend's friend Paula. She should be ready to pop any time soon here. Now if only we could get it to her. Maybe i'll convince him to pack me into the car so we can bring it to her. :)

Anyway, I'll post more pictures soon, as soon as i'm able to get the ghan going again...


Ripple Helpers

Crossposted to my own blog since I haven't posted there in a week. :)

This morning I tried to take a picture of the progress I've made on my ripple. Unfortunately, my two "helpers" wanted in on the action. My 4yo is my Official Random Yarn Picker. He is extremely adamant when he chooses, and he's made a fuss a few times when he thought that I wasn't going to use the "right" yarn next ("Mom, WHERE is the magenta?!?! Why isn't it here?!?!")

The other "helper" is my cat, who eats yarn for dinner. She is very intriqued by the huge pile here that I am needing for this project, and by the sorting and digging that has gone on in my stash as I gather what I need.

As for the ripple itself, I had slowed down partly due to the above-mentioned 4yo's birthday, and partly because I was very dismayed by the section with the dk blue, lt blue, and peach. It was looking very lively up until then, but my "Flower Power" ripple wilted on me. The bright green and magenta have revived it, though, and I've decided that, despite the demands of my Official Random Yarn Picker, I need to ensure that there are no more than two pale colors in any 5-segment section (in between the recurring 2 rows of "Flower Power" variagated), and that each section includes mostly brights and darks, like the first one.

A Vintage Ripple

Hi everyone. I tracked down the ripple afghan that I posted about here.

I went to visit my mom this weekend (we took a knitting workshop together, go figure) and asked her about this ripple afghan. She had trouble remembering it, which isn't like her because she is the keeper of all things handmade, heirloom, or belonging to someone in our family. After turning the cedar chests upside down, we finally found it in her closet.

It's done in single crochet, with a fairly fine yarn, possibly sportweight. It really feels like wool, but it's hard to say since it was made in the late 70s, could be synthetic. I don't care enough to try to pull a bit for a burn test. I love how she put the 8 colors together (4 browns, 4 yellow/oranges).

Thought you guys might like to see it close up. I put it on the back of a chair across the room from where I've been crocheting mine -- it's fun to look at.