Sunday, May 13, 2007

Finished Ripple!

I finished it! this is a ripple prayer shawl for a friend of mine spending some time in Germany just because she can! i think she is going to really like it. the specs:

-red - red heart soft, wine, about 4 balls
-blue - Bernat Satin, admiral, about 2 balls

Pattern: Ripple Effect from Candi Jansen's Candy Blankies: Cuddly Crochet for Babies & Toddlers

Measurements: about 24" x 64"

Hook Size: I

i have to say that i am really glad that this one is done, but just like many others here i have plans for another one eventually. i have the yarn but want to do a few other projects first! i'll post pics when i get it started!

Ripple onward!

p.s. here is a small ripple prayer shalw perhaps for a baby. it started out as a baby blanket then i realized that i hated my color combination so instead of frogging it i put a border on it and called it a baby shawl! i think it works.

Ripple II : Son of Ripple

Did any of you guys go through a period of mourning when your ripple was finished? I couldn't stop thinking about rippling. I kept finding myself imagining crocheting the next row.Then I would remember that it was All Over and feel sad. I had serious Crochet Angst. So, meet S.O.P. - Son of Ripple...ripple two
After several weeks of grooving on hot pink and red together (a la the edging on my first ripple), I knew that was where this one had to go. Pink to red and then maybe (haven't decided yet) a row of chocolate brown or periwinkle blue. I plan to make little red pom poms to attach to the points of each edge. I love red pom poms nearly as much as red ric rac and red buttons!
I wonder how far I'll get through this one before I start dreaming of Ripple III : The Next Generation??

ps If you like vintage findings, check out these cool buckles I found a couple of days ago.

Ripples On The Brain

Since I haven't yet purchased yarn for my next afghan, I was playing around with what I have. I'd really like to use this yarn for my next afghan, but I don't have enough. It's a discontinued yarn, so I'll see if I can get some more, but in the meantime I started a Ripple Scarf. I may rip it out if I can get the enough of the same colors to make an afghan. I'm using pink, chocolate and vanilla. Reminds me of Neapolitan ice cream.

For those of you who want to ripple and an afghan seems daunting, or you just don't have enough yarn at the moment, why not try this scarf? I've modified the Easy Ripple Afghan pattern to accomodate scarf width. Please note, this is in no way a new pattern, nor am I taking credit for it. It is simply a modification of the Easy Ripple Afghan by Suan B sized down in width. I'm using Laines Du Nord Giunco and a G hook. The scarf is about 6 1/2 inches wide.

**Post edited at this point by the Head Ripple Mistress at the request of Susan B, designer of the Easy Ripple Afghan, removing pattern details.**

the best view in town?

I doubt there are any ripples with better view than these.

On Monteliusvägen (a nice walk with a stunning view of Stockholm, located in Södermalm, Stockholm, Sweden).


This one is made with single crochet (hence the slightly more steep ripples) in the back loops (for extra flewibility).

The view looks like this in daylight, and like this by night.

a ripple-y start

Yay! I started my first Ripple afghan. I've looked through all of your beautiful photos and I am very excited to start one of my own. I had a hard time choosing colors that my son would like but finally found some that he would be happy with.

I'm pleased with the progress and found the pattern easy to follow.
I will post pictures of my progress and will enjoy looking at all the other photos that are posted.

Happy Mothers' Day!

Blessings to all of you ripplers who also share the honorable title of Mother. :) What a tricky, difficult, wonderful job it can be! I have four children between the ages of five years, and nine months, of age. Two girls and two boys. They are awesome, and I am so overjoyed to be their mother!

Because my afghan looks different from every angle, I took another couple of shots to help round things out. I want you to have a somewhat accurate understanding of what it looks like, after all! ;)